Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
January 14, 2014
Photos By: Courtesy the Manufacturers

Eddie Motorsports

Eddie Motorsports is a division of Eddie Marine, and any boaters out there reading this can tell you that when it comes to building parts for the marine industry, you have to have your act together. Eddie Motorsports takes that same commitment to quality, strength, and design from their marine division when developing their billet accessories for the automotive aftermarket. Their latest foray into billet hardware for vintage Mustangs (they're known for their hinges, taillight bezels, and more) is their serpentine belt systems for small-block Ford engines. The's heart is its billet timing cover design. This billet timing cover replaces the stock Ford cast aluminum cover and provides a stable base for all accessory attachments. What this means is no matter the year or application, the will work. There's no figuring out short or long water pump, iron or aluminum heads, etc. (even shaving your heads for compression can cause mounting issues sometimes).

The system features quality hardware from the top names in the aftermarket, from the typical Sanden A/C compressor to the Ford Racing water pump. All systems feature Powermaster 105-amp one-wire alternators and Maval power steering pumps. The is a true single belt serpentine drive system and uses an "off the shelf" OE Gates brand self-tensioner to maintain belt tension. So if the tensioner should ever fail or wear out/lose tension, a new one is as close as your favorite parts store. Eddie Motorsports can configure your for either power steering—integral or rack-and-pinion—and the power steering pump is available with an attached or remote reservoir. Lastly, the requires an electric fuel pump, as there is no provision for a mechanical pump mounting in its timing cover. The crank pulley requires the use of a four-bolt crank damper.

March Performance

For nearly three decades, March Performance has been known for keeping accessories moving with quality pulley and bracket sets. From the humble beginnings of the 5.0L Mustang underdrive pulley kits that ended up on nearly every Fox Mustang on the street to street rodders trying to mount their engine driven accessories in a compact setup to clear their chassis and bodywork, March Performance has been there with products to help. Today their product line of Ford serpentine belt drive systems is simply astounding with everything from basic bracket and pulley kits to all-out serpentine belt drive systems with full accessories.

March Performance offers their Deluxe and Ultra serpentine drive brackets in numerous part numbers to fit small- and big-block Ford applications. These clean, yet basic, bracket designs allow you to fit your own Ford accessory drive components to your engine. March Performance offers these kits in both three- and four-bolt crankshaft damper configurations so vintage engine users usually will not have to purchase a new four-bolt damper. Standard and reverse rotation water pumps are also supported with different part numbers. All March Deluxe and Ultra serpentine drive systems utilize manual belt tensioning adjuster rods.

Moving up the product line, March offers their Style Track systems for 289/302/351W small-block, 351C, 385-series big-block, and FE big-block engines. The Style Track serpentine belt drive system features a one-piece alternator and A/C mounting bracket with dual belt idlers (on most) for sufficient belt wrap around on the accessory pulleys. Speaking of accessories, the Style Track includes accessory drives for an all-inclusive kit. The Style Track includes a 105-amp one-wire alternator; Sanden A/C compressor; Edelbrock water pump (small-block kit includes low-profile pump and timing cover); GM type-2 power steering pump; and all pulleys, idlers, and pulley covers.

Recently released is March Performance's second all-inclusive serpentine drive kit, the Sport Track system. Designed as a lower-cost alternative, this budget friendly system is similar to the Style Track but with more economical accessory drive components and a standard silver or black coating instead of fully polished. The Sport Track system gets the job done for those looking for an all-in-one solution at a better price point and are willing to forego the fully polished look of the Style Track system. It works for us!

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Vintage Air

You wouldn't think a company devoted to air conditioning systems for classic and muscle cars would design and manufacture their own serpentine belt drive system, but you'd be wrong. Vintage Air did just that several years ago with their Front Runner serpentine belt drive system after seeing the constant battle customers had in fitting belt driven accessories to the front of their engines. From dealing with different deck heights, cylinder head manufacturers, and other variables, it was plain to see for Vintage Air that a serpentine belt drive system needed to be designed to allow accessories to mount to a single mounting surface, effectively removing the variables that frustrated so many builders/installers.

Vintage Air designed its own forged one-piece timing chain cover so all accessories can be direct-mounted, including the spring-loaded belt tensioner. To this, Vintage Air adds industry staples like a Sanden SD-7 A/C compressor, a Delphi power steering pump, a Stewart high-performance aluminum water pump, and a 140-amp one-wire alternator. The OE-grade belt tensioner is from Dayco (as is the serpentine belt) and ARP stainless 12-point bolts retain everything for a show winning look. Vintage Air currently offers their Front Runner for the small-block Ford engine family in bright or black finishes, with or without power steering (as an A/C company, all kits come standard with alternator and A/C). Their latest Ford offering is for the super popular 5.0L modular "Coyote" crate engine, allowing users to easily add power steering and A/C to their engine swap.

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