January 11, 2014

Rocket Tach

For the nostalgic 1960s look, Classic Instruments has introduced a retro-styled Rocket tachometer (part number RT80SLF) featuring the latest electronic technology with a half-sweep face, color-changing rocket booster, red pointer, and black face with bright white numerals and lettering. The tach comes mounted in a chrome cup that allows for a variety of mounting positions. Calibrated for V-8 engines, the tach can also be special-ordered for six-cylinder applications. Info: 800/575-0461; www.classicinstruments.com.

’05-’14 Bump Steer Rod

Kenny Brown has released a new Bump Steer Tie Rod End Kit for ’05-’13 Mustang, Boss 302, and Shelby GT 500. Designed to OE specifications, the new outer tie rod ends help correct the bump steer issues on lowered high-performance Mustangs. The complete kits include both right and left side outer tie rod ends with longer ball studs that correct the tie rod angle for optimized geometry and positive steering input, a critical upgrade for lowered cars with modified suspensions. They are a great alternative to racing-style bump steer kits. Info: 855/847-4477; www.kennybrown.com.

Fox Alternator Upgrade

Owners of ’87-’93 Fox-body Mustangs can now overcome their charging problems with a new SVE 130-amp alternator upgrade from Latemodel Restoration. The quality SVE alternator kit features increased amperage to provide more charging on cars with underdrive pulleys, high-powered stereos, and other high-draw equipment. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Info: 866/507-3786; www.latemodelrestoration.com.

Billet Pedals

National Parts Depot is well-known for its concours restoration parts, but they also carry a full line of restomod-type components, like these new billet aluminum brake, clutch, and gas pedals for ’65-’73 Mustangs. Made from CNC aluminum and supplied with stainless hardware, the pedals are available as: gas pedal (’65-’68), part number 9735-1B; clutch pedal (’65-’68), 7A624-1B; brake pedal (’65-’73 manual trans), 2457-4B; brake pedal (’65-’67 auto trans), 2457-3B; and brake pedal (’68-’73 auto trans), 2457-5B. All pedals are $21.60 except the gas pedal, which retails for $37.95. Info: 800/874-7595 (Florida), 800/521-6104 (Michigan), 800/368-6451 (North Carolina), 800/235-3445 (California); www.nationalpartsdepot.com.

Water Spot Remover

Owners of both vintage and new Mustangs know the challenges of removing water spots, those areas of dried mineral deposits that can be difficult to remove, whether you’re cleaning an older windshield or removing the spots after getting your paint sprayed by a lawn sprinkler. To help, Meguiar’s has released an all-new Water Spot Remover, an innovative product that is easy-to-use on all hard automotive surfaces, including paint, hard plastics, chrome, metals, and glass. Providing the defect correction of a compound with the gloss enhancement of a polish, Meguiar’s Water Spot Remover allows you to polish away water spots one section at a time. It’s available at major retailers nationwide. Info: 800/347-5700; www.meguiars.com.