Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
October 1, 2013

Tuned In

Have you gotten a jump on purchasing a '14 Mustang? DiabloSport [(561) 908-0041; www.diablosport.com] is right there with you with its new inTune I-1000. The DiabloSport inTune I-1000 is able to provide more adjustments and tuning options in the tool than any other tuner today, according to the company. The inTune I-1000 has the capability to log and record vehicle data, and offer specific adjustments to tweak your Mustang's tune for whatever bolt-on mods you've installed. The inTune features a color touchscreen, diagnostic capabilities, free automatic online updates, and it's the size of a compact mobile phone.

4Ward Thinking

By this point, we all know the Coyote engine benefits from the addition of headers. JBA's [(909) 599-5955; www.jbaheaders.com] Cat4Ward offering fits '11-'13 Mustang GTs, and are made with 3-inch-thick flanges at the cylinder head, and connectors designed to connect to the factory catalytic converter pipes. The four-tube design is made from 16-gauge tubing with 13⁄4-inch primaries for increased horsepower and torque, and they fit both automatic and manual- transmission cars. The best thing about these headers is they're emissions-legal with a corresponding C.A.R.B. number, making them legal for use in California.

Clearly Visible

When it comes to gauges, Auto Meter [(866) 248-6356; www.autometer.com] has the Mustang market covered. You can't walk by a Mustang at the track without seeing at least one Auto Meter product. Powered by race-hardened, precision internals, Auto Meter's new GT Series gauges are equipped with cutting edge, white LED illumination to make them easy to read in all conditions. Fitted matte black bezels minimize glare while aircraft inspired dials constructed from real carbon fiber clearly communicate critical performance data.

Weber Coyote

Tell us Jim Inglese Weber Carburetion's [(203) 623-0659; www.jiminglese.com] new Ford Coyote Stack System isn't cool. We dare you! True, Weber carbs haven't taken the Mustang world by storm, but this system is also available as an EFI setup. They are available in either a Independent Runner Weber or EFI arrangement. The eight-stack system, as it's called, is designed to provide a dramatic increase in torque and horsepower throughout the entire rpm range, but c'mon, son, we would install this system on its looks alone. Every unit is custom-built and calibrated to suit your engine, and can be ordered in a wide variety of plating and other finishes.

Signature Fluid

Let's face it, there's nothing really sexy about transmission fluid. You put it in your transmission and never think anything of it again until you need more. Amsoil's [(715) 392-7101; www.amsoil.com] new Signature Series line of transmission fluid now includes a Ford application designed to provide outstanding performance at all temperatures and excellent oxidation stability. It's also formulated to improve fuel efficiency, reduce transmission temperatures, and increase equipment longevity.

Cool Mount

With street and drag Mustangs these days, there's less and less space for extra gear. Thankfully, if you need to mount an oil cooler anywhere on your Mustang, Earl's [(270) 782-2900; www.holley.com] has this new bracket system to make it easier to find the perfect mounting spot. Naturally, this system works with Earl's oil coolers, features anodized aluminum construction with e-coated steel hardware and rubber isolators to rigidly mount an oil cooler. The rubber isolators keep vibration at bay to make for a long life for your oil cooler, but they also help make the best of less-than-ideal mounting situations.

Wide Right

No doubt you've seen Shelby Performance Parts' [(702) 405-3500; www.shelbyperformanceparts.com] widebody kit, as applied to the '13 Shelby GT500 Super Snake. Now the '05-'09 Mustang crowd can get wide, as well, with the company's latest widebody offering. This kit is available either rear only, or both front and rear packages. The widebody rear kit adds 6 inches of fender to house up to 13-inch rear wheels. The front kit allows installation of 10-inch wheels. Both packages include a Shelby billet fuel door, installation instructions, special tools, and all necessary hardware for installation.

Trick Carbs

Good things happen when manufacturers join forces to improve a product. In this case, Trick Flow [(330) 630-1555; www.trickflow.com] teamed up with Quick Fuel Technologies to produce a line of street and strip carburetors. Trick Flow's Street Heat carburetor is a 4500-style, 650-cfm offering featuring mechanical secondaries, downleg boosters, and a solid-state electric choke. The company's Track Heat and Track Heat Pro carburetors feature many of those same features, but in 750-cfm and 850-cfm offerings, respectively. The Trick Flow Race carburetor is the top dog of the group as a Dominator-style, 1,050-cfm offering designed for high-horsepower applications.

Strike it Big

Ever since the Fox days, we've been in love with the big n' littles look on our Mustangs. Rocket Racing Wheels [(888) 307-7525; www.rocketracingwheels.com] now has its Rocket Strike wheel in a big n' little fashion. Choose from polished or as-cast finishes in 15x41⁄2-, 15x6-, 15x7-, 15x8-, and 15x10-inch sizes. The Rocket Strike wheels are crafted from A356 aluminum and topped with an aluminum O-ring center cap.

Summit Shocks

To us, the Mustang is the perfect street/strip car. With Bilstein's new Drag Race Series shocks from Summit Racing [(800) 230-3030; www.summitracing.com], they'll allow your Mustang to perform at a competitive level at the dragstrip, while offering comfort and control on the street. These are mono-tube, gas-charged, and designed to increase launch control and grip for improved consistency. They mount in the stock location on '87-'04 Mustangs.

Fire Bad

Want a fire extinguisher specifically designed for your '05-'14 Mustang? Redline Performance Motorsports [(419) 944-0207; www.shoprpmonline.com] has what you need. This fire extinguisher bolts in using a factory hole, which means no drilling is necessary. Made with a quality, lightweight aluminum and featuring a powdercoated finish, the fully charged fire extinguisher is ready to come to your Mustang's rescue should the moment call for its use. It comes as a complete assembly with instructions and ready to bolt in.

Fly Weight

If you're already upgrading your '12-'13 Mustang GT's flywheel, check out Fidanza's [(440) 259-5656; www.fidanza.com] lightweight aluminum offering. This flywheel is made from 6061 T6 aluminum for optimum weight reduction and tensile strength, designed to deliver faster acceleration, quicker throttle response, better vehicle braking, increased clutch efficiency, and long-lasting durability. Featuring a Rockwell hardened ring gear, this SFI 1.1 flywheel is built tough and will never require re-surfacing or replacement when swapping out clutches.