December 16, 2013

Carb Defender

Designed for carbureted classic and performance vehicles, Driven's Carb Defender is designed for the unique needs of classic vehicles that spend much of their lives in storage between cruises and special events.

Special corrosion inhibitors work to prevent expensive repairs and diminished performance caused by ethanol-blended pump gasoline and the moisture it attracts. High levels of ethanol dilution in motor oil can lead to rust and other corrosion problems in the fuel system and inside the engine. This new additive, however, controls combustion chamber residue, plus cleans and protects surfaces of the fuel system and intake tract. The additive treats up to 25 gallons of ethanol-blended gas, and is recommended at each and every fill-up.

Driven Racing Oil
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MSD High Speed DynaForce Starters

In many race engine applications, such as with blown alcohol or magneto-fired ignitions, an engine requires more rpm to fire up. MSD's new High Speed DynaForce Starters are designed to deliver higher cranking rpm to fire up your high horsepower race engine.

The High Speed starters feature all new components beginning with a 3.4-horsepower motor that spins a unique gear set combination resulting in higher cranking rpm for your racing engine. MSD incorporates a durable solenoid that will operate with 12- and 16-volt electrical systems.

Inside the downsized housing you'll find a balanced armature that receives guidance by two ball bearings for smooth engagement and thousands of starts. Another handy feature is that the billet mounting block can be rotated in different positions to help clear oil pans and exhaust systems.

MSD offers its DynaForce starters for Ford 289, 302, 351W (PN 50902) and Ford 351M, 400, 429 (PN 50922).

MSD Performance

Rocket Strike

The Rocket Strike Series single-rib design wheel from Rocket Racing is the perfect complement to boulevard cruisers, classic muscle cars, gassers, and trucks.

Rocket Racing Wheels is expanding the sizes and bolt patterns on the timeless and traditional Rocket Strike series to now include 15x4.5 and 15x10. Choose from polished or as-cast finishes in 15x4.5, 15x6, 15x7, 15x8, and 15x10 sizes. The Rocket Strike is precision-crafted from A356 aluminum and topped off with a vintage style aluminum O-ring center cap.

Rocket Racing Wheels
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More FE Power, Please

Ford's venerable “FE" Series V-8 engines are often overshadowed by the more popular Windsor and Cleveland-headed small-blocks. But these engines were once the kings of dragstrips, road courses, and circle tracks, appearing in everything from passenger cars and trucks to the iconic Le Mans-winning GT40 Mk IIs and NASCAR Ford Galaxies. Now racers and street performance fans alike are rediscovering the FE as an affordable alternative to the small-block Ford.

Lunati's hydraulic and solid flat-tappet cams, as well as hydraulic and solid roller cams, help the FE to produce horsepower and torque numbers that were unheard of back in the engine's prime. Lunati cams for the Ford FE are engineered to deliver maximum power as well as complement the addition of the latest aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads, intake manifolds, headers, and ignition systems.

With several different lobe profiles available, there is a cam to match nearly every build. However, if one of the many cataloged cam profiles just isn't what you are looking for, Lunati can also custom design an even more potent cam profile for your specific Ford FE 352-428 V-8 application. Additionally, if you aren't sure about exactly which camshaft best complements your build, Lunati's race experienced technical support service is there to help guide you to the right cam profile for your needs. Lunati also offers a complete line of matched valvetrain components for the Ford FE engine family.

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