December 16, 2013

Mighty Demon 850 Annular Carburetor

Demon Carburetion has introduced a new 850-cfm carburetor with annular boosters for high-performing big-block engines and large displacement or high-revving small-blocks.

Prepared with 1.560-inch venturii and intended to operate with 425- to 540ci engines with camshaft durations of 240-plus degrees at 0.050, this new carb is aimed at street car use, bracket racing, and heads-up class racing.

Years ago, Demon envisioned the possibility of increasing idle speed without disturbing the throttle plates from their correct position. The ingenious concept involved inserting a screwdriver in the air cleaner stud hole and making an adjustment. This innovation, known as the Idle-eze, is provided on this new 850 annular model, as is four-corner idle adjustment, power valve backfire protection, and a kick-down mechanism that accepts Ford's transmission linkage. As expected, this Mighty Demon features billet metering blocks and baseplate as well as throttle plates mounted on Teflon-coated throttle shafts that prevent galling in the bores of the aluminum baseplates.

Demon Carburetion
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Professional Dry Nitrous System

NOS research and development continually strives to push the performance envelope to the next level. NOS has developed three new dry nitrous kits: a single-stage and two dual-stage kits. NOS dry Pro Race Fogger kits are designed to be used with stand–alone engine management systems like the Holley Dominator and HP EFI systems that have programmable dry nitrous capability. This allows for complete control of the fuel, nitrous and ignition for the most repeatable results possible! Kits do not come with Bottle or electrical pack kits.

Features include eight NOS fan spray nozzles, two Pro Race solenoids capable of 500-plus horsepower, and nitrous jet sizes for 175, 250, 300 and 350 hp.

Nitrous Oxide Systems (A Division of Holley)
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Tub O'Towels

Touted as the “World's Toughest Wipes,” Tub O'Towels include nine powerful cleaning ingredients, durable fiber-weave technology and twice the cleaning surface of comparable wipes. Originally created for contractors and industrial users, Tub O'Towels feature a thicker, towel-like construction that is 100-percent solution soaked to quickly and easily clean oil, grease, chemical stains and other tough soils. The unique citrus formula also includes lanolin, aloe vera and vitamin E, leaving hands clean and soft.

Tub O'Towels are available in several convenient package sizes, and are made in the USA. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube just by searching tubotowels.

Tub O'Towels

Air Hammer It

The new Blue-Point XL Air Hammer Drift Set (PHGL37KT) is the perfect solution for breaking free hard-to-reach bolts and pins that have seized due to rust and time.

Designed for suspension work where rusted shock and strut bolts cannot be accessed with conventional length punches and tapered drifts, the new Blue-Point XL Air Hammer Drift Set (PHGL37KT) provides the extra driving force of an air hammer where needed and its five-inch long parallel shaft design will not get stuck. The set includes the three most commonly used sizes (8 mm to 5⁄16-inch, 10 mm to 3⁄8-inch and 12 mm to 1⁄2-inch) and a canvas pouch for storing.

Snap-on Tools
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X-Celerate Your Cleveland

The Weiand X-CELerator single-plane intake manifold for 2V-headed Ford 351 Clevelands (PN 7516) has been re-tooled. According to Weiand, that means the popular Ford intake is now even better looking and higher flowing than ever. A revised runner design smooths airflow while giving the intake an even better appearance. The Weiand 7516 is built to support engines with an operating range of 1,500-7,000 rpm, and it accepts square-bore carburetors.

Weiand, A Division Of Holley
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