Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 23, 2013

Replay XD1080

Like several of the cams reviewed in our story, the Replay [; (805) 480-9800] XD1080 is a small cylindrical "lipstick"-style HD cam. Lightweight, with an anodized aluminum housing, the XD1080 uses two top-mounted buttons for simple control of on/off and record functions, both with vibratory feedback and colored LEDs to let you know what mode you're in. One-touch recording is also available for quick, on the fly recording. The XD1080's included HeimLock swivel mount makes positioning the cam easy, as the rotating socket allows a full 360-degree rotation of the camera body along with eight degrees of tilt. When combined with the built-in 360-degree ability of the lens to rotate within the mount, there's literally no camera angle you can't achieve for your epic video masterpiece.

Replay's ability to work in a motorsports environment is evident when you look at the cam's feature set as well as the available optional gear Replay offers. The XD1080 can stream live 1080p HD to an external source and has the ability to record audio from external sources as well, such as in-car radio or via a Lav mic, and more. The XD1080's various video and image settings are easily accessed on camera via two buttons that are exposed once the rear cap is unscrewed. Best of all, a series of multi-color LEDs easily depict what mode you are in (and the mode will not change or reset when you turn the cam off and on). If you need a reminder as to what color LED means what, simply look inside the removed cap for a full guide to the cam's video modes, frame rates, and mic settings!

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Available resolutions 720p, 960p, 1080p
File format .MOV
Sensor type CMOS
Field of view 135-degrees (110-degree in 1080p)
Still photo mode Yes
Photo resolution 5-megapixel
LCD screen No
Waterproof Yes, to 9 feet with no extra case required (deep dive case is planned)
Microphone Built-in, external mic capable
Memory type MicroSD card (32GB max)
Wi-Fi capability No
Battery type Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (built-in)
Retail Price $299.99

Sceptre Car Cam

The Sceptre [; (800) 788-2878] Car Cam CCR2000 is a little different from the rest of our reviewed cams in our guide. That's because the CCR2000 is more of a "crash cam" than an "action cam." We're sure you've seen the many dash cam videos on YouTube displaying collisions and near misses; well, that dash cam technology has come to the U.S. via Sceptre for those looking to protect themselves from scams, robbery, and more. Although the CCR2000's primary focus is vehicle crash recording, it is still a full 1080p HD cam that records video and in-car audio. It's perfect for track days, driver training videos, and more, which is why we opted to include it in our guide.

The CCR2000 features a single windshield suction-cup mount with a swivel for easy attachment to the inside of your windshield. We did find that with a little adjustment of the bracket, we could mount it to the door glass for different video angles as well. The CCR2000 has a built-in battery (user replaceable), but the cam is designed to be primarily powered from the car's lighter socket or power port. The battery life is about 50 minutes if you mount the cam too far away to use the charging cord. The CCR2000 automatically starts recording when the vehicle is started, which means you never have to worry about remembering to turn the cam on before you head out on track. The included 8GB SD card is good for 250 minutes of recording at 720p video. The CCR2000 is the only cam in our roundup with a built-in G-sensor. It is used to lock video clips and prevent their deletion in the advent of an accident. However, the sensor is also used to turn the camera on and record video if the car is hit while parked, which might just get you some video of the idiot that backed into you in that grocery store parking lot. Pretty cool idea if you ask us!

Available resolutions WVGA, 720p, 1080p
File format .MP4
Sensor type CMOS
Field of view 120-degree in 1080p, 140-degree in 720p
Still photo mode Yes
Photo resolution 3-, 5-, 8-megapixel
LCD screen Yes, 2-inch LTPS (Low Temperature PolySilicon)
Waterproof No
Microphone Built-in
Memory type Standard SD card (32GB max)
Wi-Fi capability No
Battery type Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (user replaceable)
Retail Price $399