Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
September 1, 2013

Max Fuel

If your Mustang needs more fuel to feed the beast under the hood, check out JMS Chip and Performance's (601) 766-9424; www.jmschip.com new PowerMax FuelMax fuel pump voltage booster (Say that three times fast). The PowerMax is designed to increase fuel flow by increasing voltage to the factory fuel pump. JMS claims it's the only voltage-boosting product on the market providing increased regulated voltage without noise. It also supports every OEM and high-performance fuel pump application. Of course, this product has caught on in a big way with Shelby GT500s, Boss 302s, Cobras, and the Focus ST, among many other applications. You select the voltage output of the PowerMax with a simple control knob, and you can control the voltage ramp-in and ramp-out rate to correct or eliminate fuel pressure spikes to maximize performance and fuel delivery.

Adjustable Height

If you want more say over your Mustang's ride height, along with improved handling, check out Raceland's ((801) 365-1440; www.raceland.com) new coilover suspension kits for '79-'04 Mustangs ($469). These coilover kits offer you the ability to lower your Mustang 1 to 3 inches below OEM ride height, and are a full suspension replacement for the factory bits. The kits include threaded, powdercoated shock bodies with anodized spring seats to ease height adjustments. The spring rates and shock valving have been matched and increased to reportedly offer a perfect balance of performance, driveability, and enhanced vehicle control.

Within Budget

As Mustang enthusiasts, it's safe to say many of us admire HRE wheels ((760) 598-1960; www.hrewheels.com). You hardly used to see them on Mustangs, but that is changing, and the company's new FlowForm wheels hopes to continue that trend, if not expand on it. The one thing that has kept HRE wheels out of reach of most Mustang fans is the pricepoint. The FlowForm may still not be in everyone's budget, but at under $3,000 for a set, they're certainly within reach of more enthusiasts. The FlowForm wheels are available in 19- and 20-inch sizes, and as you can see, they look wicked pissa on a '11-'13 Mustang.

Are We There Yet?

Now more than ever, we're driving our Mustangs to work, events, the track, and the like. Inevitably, driving to work involves being stuck in traffic, but we don't want to sit there and look like the guy next to us in the Prius. We want entertainment at the wheel. To that end, Pioneer's (www.pioneerelectronics.com) latest in-dash navigation systems, the AVIC-X850BT ($800) and the AVIC-X950BH ($950), offer the latest technologies to keep even the busiest users informed and amused. Both systems, obviously, have built-in route guidance with turn-by-turn directions, but they also feature DVD/CD/MP3/WMA playback, a 7- or 6.1-inch touchscreen display, convenient Bluetooth connectivity, AppRadio Mode for on-screen operation of popular applications on iPhone and Android smartphones, HD Radio for crystal-clear reception, and more.

Leather Tech

Back in the Fox days, a leather interior was high class, but Mustangs these days are chock full of leather upholstery items. And let's not forget the SN-95 and New Edge Mustang's leather appointments. All of which undoubtedly need Mothers' ((714) 891-3364; www.mothers.com) new LeatherTech line of products. The LeatherTech line takes a new direction in interior, according to Mothers. This line features unique, innovative product application and luxurious, moister-rich formulas. Sounds exactly what your Mustang needs, doesn't it? The LeatherTech Foaming Wash and Moisture Infusion Gel Cream is designed to have your Mustang's leather looking good and feeling its best.

Help Your AOD

If your AOD needs help handling your Mustang's power, check out Performance Automatic's ((240) 439-4650; www.performanceautomatic.com) new AOD Pro Shift Super Servo. The servo is designed to deliver better holding capacity, provide a positive Fourth gear shift, and help eliminate premature overdrive band failure. Of course, the AOD Pro Shift Super Servo is ideal for heavy-duty and high-performance applications. The servo features 11-percent more application area than the stock servo, and it's made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum.

Street Headers

Does your '11-'13 Mustang GT need headers? We see your head shaking yes in agreement. Kooks Headers and Exhaust ((866) 586-6556; www.kooksheaders.com) has these new Super Street Series headers designed to be used with the factory mid-pipe. These headers enjoy 17⁄8-inch primaries with a 3-inch collector for maximum power, which Kooks reports the headers are good for a solid 10-12 hp and torque. The flanges are 3⁄8-inch-thick and the headers are made from 304 stainless steel. Since these headers are designed as a direct replacement, no cutting or welding is required for installation, and they won't prompt a Check Engine light.

Swap Clutch

Having driven plenty of '11-'13 Mustangs with an aftermarket six-speed transmission, we can definitely see the validity of such a swap. Centerforce ((928) 771-8422; www.centerforce.com) thinks there's some traction for this swap, as well, so the company has introduced the DF148500 Dual Friction clutch for aftermarket 26-spline transmission applications. Centerforce's Dual Friction series clutches are designed to be high-performance, street-friendly, single-disc clutches. The Dual Friction's pressure plate features Centerforce's patented processes to provide a performance clutch designed to offer exceptional street characteristics, while also offering outstanding holding capacity and durability.

Are You NextGen?

If you need a synthetic oil for your Mustang, take a look at Valvoline's (www.valvoline.com) NextGen SynPower formula. Made with 50-percent recycled oil produced with 90-percent less energy, NextGen helps reduce the demand for crude oil, and it produces 31-percent less greenhouse gas emissions. NextGen also achieves high marks, exceeding industry specs for protection, performance, and durability, while reportedly delivering improved fuel economy. At high temperatures, NextGen SynPower helps reduce engine wear thanks to improved viscosity stability and provide outstanding deposit protection under the toughest driving conditions.

Helmet Head

More people should wear a helmet on a daily basis, but if you need one for racing, check out this RaceQuip full-face helmet from Summit Racing ((800) 230-3030; www.summitracing.com). This helmet exceeds Snell SA-2010 safety ratings with a shell made from a combination of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and FRP. A 3mm-thick, low-fog polycarbonate faceshield features eight positions, and hand-ratcheting tear-off posts. The helmet's other features include a wide eyeport to provide excellent peripheral vision and allow use of your own eyewear, a comfort-fit blended Nomex interior, a Kevlar chin strap, and pre-drilled holes for HANS-device anchors.

Turbo, Turbo

If one turbo is good, two turbos must be better, right?! Nelson Racing Engines ((818) 998-5593; www.nelsonracingengines.com) thinks so, which is why you're reading about the company's Symmetrical Mirror Image turbos. One turbo's compressor shaft spins clockwise, while its mate spins in a counter-clockwise rotation. Doing so helps exhibit symmetry from one side of the engine to the other. This makes for a far more pleasing appearance of the engine, with a mirrored exhaust header arrangement, as well. NRE claims this design results in nearly perfect air/fuel distribution to all cylinders, which is said to make reliable power and lengthen engine life.