January 6, 2014

FE Cams

Fans of 390 and 428 engines have something to shout about with Lunati's new series of cams for the venerable FE big-block. Available as hydraulic and solid in both flat-tappet and roller designs, he new Lunati cams are offered in several different lobe profiles to match nearly every engine build. Custom designs are available along with technical assistance from Lunati support service. Lunati also offers a complete line of FE valve spring kits, springs, retainers, locks, pushrods, and timing sets. Info: call 662/892-1500; www.lunatipower.com

Advanced IRS

Owners of '99-'04 SVT Cobras and '00 Cobra Rs can now take advantage of Kenny Brown's Advanced Geometry components for the independent rear suspension. Designed to replace the factory components. Kenny Brown's suspension system offers race-inspired geometry. 40 percent reduction in weight, and conversion to a coil-over shock design. The complete IRS upgrades consist of tubular upper and lower control arms, as IRS rear steer kit, a forward torque brace, aluminum differential bushings, and coilover upper shock mounts. Benefits include improved handling, reduced wheel-hop, increased srength, less weight, and elimination of rear steer. Ifo: 855/847-4477; www.kennybrown.com

Cool Fox

If you're looking to cool down your Fox-body Mustang, LatemodelRestoration.com has the ideal upgrade over the stock '79-'93 radiator and fan. The high-performance SVE aluminum radiator and electric fan kit features a more efficient dual-row, cross-flow radiator with an aluminum fan shroud and dual 12-inch cooling fans. The kit is a direct replacement for the factory equipment and requires no modifications for installation. Info: 866/507-3786; www.latemodelrestoration.com.

Comp Steering

GT Performance Products has captured the retro spirit of early 1960's racing with the design of heir new GT Competition steering wheels. Featuring a black foam cushion grip, symmetrical-style polished 6062 aluminum spokes, and a three-bolt mounting pattern, the wheel is available in two 15-inch versions; part number 91-5142 with a shallow 1-inch dish and part number 91-5342 with deeper 3.125-inch dish. GT Performance also offers a variety of custom logo horn buttons, including licensed Ford selections. Both wheels retail for $164.98. Info:818-847-9611; www.gtperformanceproducts.com

Fuel Pressure Block Relocation

A lean fuel condition is highly dangerous for supercharged engines, so a fuel pressure gauge is recommended for performance and longevity. Because most fuel pressure gauges for late-model Mustangs have a clearance issue with the supercharger air intake tube, Shelby Performance Parts offers a fuel pressure block relocation kit that moves the fuel gauge adaptor block to the side of the intake tube where there is ample space. The same kit is used for gauge pod installs on the Shelby GT/SC and other packages at Shelby American. Info: 702/405-3500; www.shelbyperformanceparts.com.