Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
August 28, 2013
Photos By: Armor All

ArmorAll is a household name when it comes to car care and they just introduced one heck of a new product, the Custom Shield Coating. This multi-purpose product can be used as a protectant from the elements as well as an easy way to customize your ride.

Oh, the possibilities! We found multiple ways to customize and protect your car with ArmorAll Custom Shield Coating. We have a few how-to videos on ways to protect and customize your ride with this hot new product. Check out a few of the options we came up with:

• Add new bumper inserts

• Create custom hood inserts

• Protect side view mirrors

• Blacked-out parts and panels

• Style your wheels

• Add hood stripes, racing stripes, blackout stripes

• Use it for Pin striping

• Create your own flame designs

• Use it for protection for bumper covers, door handles and to keep from scratching door sills.

• Transparent paint protection

• Spray on to avoid rock chips

• Burnout rocker

• Spray on the bumper to prevent bug damage

• Use it on your exhaust tips

• Spray it for a fender cover and under the hood

• Lower control arm and undercarriage

• Under the fenders

• Make window stencils

• Protection for raw aluminum wheels

The Custom Shield Coating is easy to apply and just as easy to peel off without the use of tools. It is safe to be used on the front grille, hood and rocker panels. Whether you’d like to protect your car from a long road trip or from baking under the sun, this product can help protect it while adding some style.

For just $16.99 a can, you can customize and protect your ride inexpensively by creating your own custom “paint” job or as an alternative to vehicle vinyl wrap. Add some racing stripes or stencil some designs on your hood. If you mess up, just peel it off and try again. The Custom Shield Coating comes in a few different colors such as black, white, gray, and clear.

Get customizing!