Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
July 1, 2013

Billet Flange

When the S197 Mustang hit the market, it brought along increased weight and a two-piece driveshaft. Dynotech [(800) 633-5559; www.dynotechengineering.com] not only has an aluminum, one-piece driveshaft replacement for reduced weight, the company also has this new billet pinion flange to increase durability. The new Dynotech billet-pinion flange can be used with both 1330 and 1350 U-joints, and is a direct bolt-in for Mustang driveshaft replacement with over 4,000 lb-ft static torque capability. Dynotech says its new flange improves driveline runout and reduces weight over traditional designs.

Energetic Bushings

If you need sturdier-than-stock bushings for your ’11-’13 Mustang, check out Energy Suspension’s [(888) 913-6374; www.energysuspension.com] Hyper-Flex polyurethane suspension components. The latest Mustang has gained horsepower and torque over the years, which is why Energy offers a solution to strengthen the link between the chassis and suspension components with performance polyurethane bushings. Engineered with specific durometers for higher load-bearing capacities, these bushings are designed to outperform and outlast rubber bushings and offer extremely high flex life.

Racing Oil

If your Mustang needs high-performance oil, check out Driven’s [(866) 611-1820; www.drivenracingoil.com] XP9 Synthetic Oil. Driven Racing Oil’s XP9 is designed to be a durable 10W-40 synthetic racing oil, featuring an advanced zinc/phosphorus based anti-wear package to protect aggressive cam profiles. XP9 Synthetic Racing Oil from Driven reportedly provides increased high-shear protection for wet-sump and high-compression applications. It utilizes select synthetic base oils for increased durability at high engine temperatures. XP9 also features advanced synthetic technology for greater film thickness under high temperatures and high loads, and its thermal stability properties defend against oil consumption and viscosity breakdown, while providing added durability for competition power plants.

Balanced Pack

Designed for high-performance Mustangs headed for autocross and track days, the Hotchkis [(888) 735-6425; www.hotchkis.net] Sport Suspension Track Pack TVS is designed to be a balanced suspension solution for the ’11-’13 Mustang. Born on the track and engineered for razor-sharp handling performance, the Track Pack reportedly improves steering response and stability, eliminates understeer, and allows for precise driver control. Starting up front, the system includes a lightweight strut-tower brace. To improve vehicle feel and offer a more aggressive stance, 1.1-inch lowered coil sport springs with performance rates are utilized. To help control body roll, lightweight tubular sway bars are included with a 1.5-inch, four-way adjustable front bar and 1-inch, three-way adjustable rear bar allow you to dial-in the way the car responds to throttle steer and driver input. The Hotchkis Chassis Max subframe connectors and K-member brace tie the uni-body together, reducing chassis flex. To address handling control and traction, the rear features an adjustable upper trailing arm with a high-articulation, PTE-lined, 7⁄8-inch Heim joint and massive 1.5-inch, CNC-machined, aluminum body. The lower trailing arms are laser-cut, feature tig-welded steel construction for maximum strength, and include greasable swivel max polyurethane bushings. Lateral movement is reined in by an adjustable Panhard rod.

Stealth Fox

Aeromotive wants to make it possible for you to carry a big stick without everyone knowing your Mustang’s potential. Aeromotive’s [(913) 647-7300; www.aeromotiveinc.com] Stealth Fox fuel tank and systems teams a ’03-’04 Cobra-style fuel system that bolts right into your Fox Mustang. Aeromotive says Ford discontinued the ’03-’04 Cobra tank, but the company has reproduced the tanks and made them easily compatible with Fox Mustangs. Aeromotive says its Stealth tanks give you the best performance possible from a stock appearing tank with its proven A1000 or Eliminator fuel pumps built in. With this system, you can put a fuel tank into your Fox that appears stock, but features an innovative baffling system, a built-in fuel pump capable of supporting almost any horsepower demand, and a pre-pump filter.

Wheel and Tire

All of us know Mickey Thompson [(330) 928-9092; www.mickeythompsontires.com] for the company’s drag slicks and drag radials. Nowadays, Mickey Thompson is putting just as much of its development dollar into more street-friendly offerings like the SC-5 wheel and Street Comp tire. Both the SC-5 and Street Comp are ideal for your late-model Mustang. Available in 18 popular sizes, the Street Comp has a UTQG 300 AA A treadwear rating and a unique tread design for superior performance and responsive handling in both wet and dry conditions. A perfect complement to the Street Comp ultra-high performance tire, the SC-5 is the foundation of the exclusive Enhanced Stance System from Mickey Thompson. It’s lightweight to reduce unsprung weight, and available in 12 popular 17- to 20-inch diameters. The SC-5 Wheel is available for straight or staggered applications. It comes with a valve stem, Mickey Thompson valve cap, a lifetime structural warranty, and a one-year finish warranty.

Digital Pressure

In this day and age, running the correct tire pressure is the most important factor in achieving maximum performance and mileage. Accurate and regular pressure checks are the only way to win in both normal street driving and also at the track. Proform’s [(586) 774-2500; www.proformparts.com] easy-to-use Digital Tire Pressure Gauge (PN 67399; $160) will measure tire pressure from 0-to-100 psi in increments of 0.01 psi. This gauge features unit conversion, an automatic-off setting, an LCD screen backlighting, and dual air-bleed buttons. Two modes of operation are available. In Normal mode, it will slowly count back to zero once you remove the gauge from the valve stem. In Peak mode, the maximum pressure will remain on the display after removing from the valve stem. The air-bleed buttons allow for controlled-pressure release.

Fueled Prodigy

These in-tank fuel systems bring Fuelab’s [(217) 324-3737; www.fuelab.com] popular external fuel pump technology inside the fuel tank. Developed for racing and capable of street use, these fuel systems can provide fuel for up to 1,800 horsepower. These in-tank Power Modules, like all Prodigy fuel pumps, are compatible with gasoline, E85, methanol or diesel fuels. Power Modules can be coupled with Fuelab’s electronic fuel pressure regulator, bringing high-flow capacity with automatic demand speed control. Fuelab’s Power Modules work with available installation kits that include a Fabricator’s Kit. This kit allows installation of the Power Module into steel or aluminum tanks/fuel cells, using a unique sealed flange system. This system enables a quicker installation, with quick and easy service access. Each Power Module includes auxiliary outlets for optional use of jet pumps, which transfers fuel within the fuel tank, for tough situations such as saddle tanks or internal sumps/baffles.

Kenny Member

Kenny Brown Performance [(855) 847-4477; www.kennybrown.com] has released this lightweight tubular K-member designed to fit all ’05-’13 Mustangs. The addition of this new K-member makes the AGS 4.0 Suspension System a complete solution, and allows you to upgrade all of the factory components, adding strength and reducing weight at the same time. “Our new lightweight tubular K-member is derived from both our GT-4 Mustang development and professional racing programs, which are a segue to several new suspension innovations we plan to release in the next year,” said Kenny Brown. This lightweight tubular K-member is designed to replace the factory unit and is a bolt-in component that uses OEM mounting points. It also allows for use of the factory core support brace used on ’11-’13 model Mustangs and the optional load support braces found on most ’05-’13 Shelby GT500 models. It is exclusively designed to be used with Kenny Brown ’05-’13 front lower control arms and works with all 4.6-liter Three-Valve 5.0-liter Coyote and 5.4-liter Condor engines. The entire assembly is manufactured from high-grade steel, finished in a durable powdercoating, and includes all required hardware.

Twisted Power

If you haven’t heard of Trick Flow’s [(330) 630-1555; www.trickflow.com] Twisted Wedge performance cylinder heads, you have some work to do. Twisted Wedge heads have been a popular choice for serious performance enthusiasts and racers for nearly 20 years. To make the new Twisted Wedge 11R heads even better, Trick Flow engineers used advanced three-dimensional solid modeling and decades’ worth of performance racing experience. They adjusted the intake valve angles, exhaust valve angles, and combustion chamber arrangement for increased flow and more performance potential. Premium materials and components are used for uncompromising quality and durability. CNC-tooling is used to ensure dimensional accuracy, repeatable quality, and balanced flow. Multiple combustion chamber and runner options will be offered in both CNC Street ported and CNC Competition ported surface finishes to address every power level and budget requirement.

Rocket Club

Do you need new wheels for your Mustang? Rocket Racing Wheels’ [(888) 307-7525; www.rocketracingwheels.com] new Modern Muscle Rocket Booster is crafted from A356 aluminum and you can choose from Hyper Shot, Gloss Black, and chrome finishes. The Rocket Booster fits ’94-’13 Mustangs in 18x9-, 18x10-, 20x9-, and 20x10-inch sizes. The Rocket Booster is compatible with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, as well.

Harness the Swap

If you’re looking to swap a Three-Valve 4,6 into your Mustang, take a look at Ron Francis Wiring’s [(800) 292-1940; www.ronfrancis.com] new ’05-’09 Mustang GT Three-Valve 4.6 Wiring Harness (PN MG-06). The harness is capable of supporting manual or 5R55S automatic transmission applications, as well as stock returnless fuel systems or return-style fuel systems. Ron Francis’ harness comes complete to connect factory sensors on engine and transmission to factory PCM plus wiring for fuel pump, fan, and diagnostic port, but tuning is required.