Mark Houlahan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
June 1, 2013
Photos By: Source Interlink Media Archives

Pricing: $2,535

If you're looking for a basic coilover conversion to bolt directly to your stock upper control arm, or perhaps to compliment aftermarket control arms you already have installed, TCP offers their bolt-in coilover conversion for use with stock control arms. The system uses high-quality billet aluminum VariShocks with either single or double adjustable valving and come with your choice of spring rate and shock tower adapter to dial in just the ride height and ride quality you're looking for.

Application: 1965-1973 Mustang
Shock/Strut: coilover shock assembly
Adjustable: single adjustable for both compression and rebound with 16-setting external knob, optional double adjustable for compression and rebound separately with two 16-setting external knobs (256 shock settings)
Kit Contents: single or double adjustable VariShock coilover shocks, VariSpring coilover springs in 400-750 lb/in ratings (user choice), shock tower adapter system (choice of zero, 1-inch, or 2-inch offset to lower car), mounting hardware
Pricing: $788-$988

Weld-In Wonders

While we originally planned this buyer's guide to be a toolbox friendly bolt-in solution for our readers, we know many of you are looking for the ride quality and adjustment of a coilover system, but also plan to upgrade your braking and steering systems. Additionally, if you're looking to upgrade your vintage Mustang's performance under hood with a big-block or even a modular engine like the uber-popular Coyote 5.0L from the '11-'13 Mustang GT, then you know engine compartment space is at a premium. A few of our bolt-in systems (mainly the strut based coilovers) do offer shock tower notching kits to make way for said larger engines, but if you're looking to get rid of the shock towers altogether for room and/or a cleaner engine bay, then a weld-in crossmember solution from the following companies is a viable alternative and we felt it was only fair they get a mention as well.


You'll find three distinct weld-in coilover systems from Heidts for '65-'70 Mustangs. Their classic setup is their Mustang II system, which features coilover shocks as an option. The billet coilover shock option nets you a 10-way adjustable coilover and chrome spring (multiple rates to choose from). This allows you to fine tune the overall ride as well as the vehicle's ride height. The Mustang II system starts at $2,155 and the coilover option is an additional $370. Stepping up from the base Mustang II is Heidts' own Superide II system. This completely new design IFS comes standard with the billet single-adjustable coilovers along with tubular control arms, four-piston brakes and other upgrades starting at $3,075. Finally, there's Heidts brand-new Pro-G IFS system, a purpose-built race-car designed system with plenty of adjustability, revised spindles, better geometry, and more. The Pro-G is standard with billet single adjustable coilover shocks and rings the register at $4,530.

Rod & Custom Motorsports

The Rod & Custom crew have been engineering Ford's Mustang II IFS into unibody Fords for over 20 years. Their best seller is their PN RC-107 tubular control arm coilover IFS for '65-'73 Mustangs. The IFS uses Alden Eagle coilovers with 12-position adjustments for rebound and includes tubular control arms, 1-inch antisway bar, 11-inch disc brakes, braided brake hoses, spindles (drop spindles are optional), engine mounts, rack-and-pinion steering (power available as an option), steering shaft kit, and more for $2,695.

Total Cost Involved

TCI offers two different weld-in solutions, both with standard coilover shocks. Both of TCI's IFS systems start as 3/16-inch thick crossmembers with the main difference between the two being the engine selection—one is for small- and big-block Fords, while the other is for modular engines. The kits include tubular control arms, a 1-inch antisway bar, 11-inch disc brakes, and rack-and-pinion steering. The systems start at $2,969 and options include single and double adjustable coilovers in plain or polished aluminum, larger disc brakes, power rack-and-pinion, and more.