Mark Houlahan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
June 1, 2013
Photos By: Source Interlink Media Archives

Griggs Racing

Bruce Griggs was on the late-model Mustang scene right from the very beginning, creating serious suspension systems designed for the track and the winner's circle, but also would be just as welcomed on the street. His Griggs Racing digs have built numerous race winning Mustangs and he has now designed a SLA (short-long-arm) coilover suspension for vintage Mustangs. The GR350 system uses a short upper control arm in conjunction with a longer lower control arm to control camber change during suspension movement. Controlling the camber during jounce and rebound means keeping more of the tire's contact patch in contact with the road surface. More contact means more traction for cornering and braking. Griggs uses a weld in crossmember and bolt or weld in mini-towers for the coilover shocks to completely change the front suspension on a vintage Mustang. This allows the stock shock towers to be trimmed or completely removed if needed for engine swaps or header clearance. The weld in crossmember uses the late-model Mustang power steering rack (converting the car to front steer in the process), and the kit includes '94 and later “SN95” Mustang spindles and hubs, allowing a vast aftermarket selection of performance disc brake options.

Application: 1965-1970 Mustang
Shock/Strut: coilover shock assembly
Adjustable: Koni 30 Series single adjustable for rebound with soft or firm valving, double adjustable aluminum Koni 3012 Series with external knob is an option
Kit Contents: tubular upper control arms with screw-in ball joints, boxed tubular lower control arms, Koni coilover shocks, coilover springs, SLA shock towers, SN95 spindle adapters, SN95 Mustang spindles, SN95 wheel hubs, power rack-and-pinion, steering shaft adapter, tubular antisway bar with splined ends
Pricing: $6,664.45-$9,553.60


The folks at Ridetech are known for their air suspension systems, including full four-corner kits for vintage Mustangs, but have been expanding into true coilover shock systems for those that don't want the installation hassle of an air tank, compressor, and lines. Ridetech's new coilovers are offered in four different series. The base RQ (Ride Quality) Series features a non-adjustable coilover, while the HQ (Handling Quality) Series steps up to a single adjustable coilover for rebound with an external knob at the top of the shock so you can quickly make adjustments under the hood (shown here). Furthermore, Ridetech has some unique additional coilover offerings in their TQ (Track Quality) Series and Select Series. The TQ Series features a three-way adjustable coilover. The shock itself is adjustable for rebound while compression adjustments can be made for both low and high speed settings. The Select Series is an electronically controlled coilover shock that is driver adjustable via a push button to select between soft and firm settings right from your driver's seat. All four series of shocks are fully adjustable for ride height and come with HyperCo coilover springs with your choice of spring rate. You can opt for stock control arm fitment on '65-'66 Mustang applications, but for '67-'70 Mustangs you must install Ridetech's StrongArm tubular adjustable upper control arm.

Application: 1965-1970 Mustang
Shock/Strut: coilover shock assembly

Adjustable: base RQ series is non-adjustable, HQ series coilovers are single adjustable for rebound with external knob, TQ series coilovers are triple adjustable for rebound plus high and low speed compression, Select series coilovers are electronically adjustable for a soft or firm valving
Kit Contents: coilover shocks, HyperCo coilover springs, mounting hardware
Pricing: $600-$1,350

Ron Morris Performance

Ron Morris offers two different coilover kits for the vintage Mustang and they could easily be classified as one being a full suspension conversion and the other simply a coilover shock conversion. Taking a look at the Street Force tubular coilover system, it's easy to see that this is RMP's answer for a full front suspension conversion that tackles all of the vintage Mustang's inherent issues. By improving the suspension geometry and ride quality, the Street Force system is ready for the street or the track. The full coilover shock is mounted directly behind the spindle, which lowers the spring and shock rates required to support the vehicle and enhances ride quality. The tubular upper and lower arms feature replaceable screw-in ball joints and the upper control arms are available in standard or dropped configurations. The dropped upper arm option lowers the arm 1¾-inches (standard Shelby drop is only 1-inch), which increases camber gain for traction and handling. QA1 shocks and springs are used and allow for simple on-car ride height adjustments. Finally, the Street Force kit is designed to use the stock Mustang spindle so you can keep the aftermarket brakes you might already be running, or allow easy upgrading to any aftermarket brake kit designed for the Mustang spindle.

Application: 1965-1970 Mustang
Shock/Strut: coilover shock assembly
Adjustable: QA1 single adjustable for rebound and compression with 18 setting options using external knob, optional double adjustable QA1with 18 compression and 18 rebound settings for 324 shock settings using external knobs
Kit Contents: tubular upper control arms with screw-in ball joints, tubular lower control arms with screw-in ball joints, QA1 coilover shocks, QA1 coilover springs, tubular adjustable strut rods, bolt-on adjustable steering stops.
Pricing: $2,550