Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 1, 2013

Custom Expression

Whether repping your favorite team, waving your political flag, boasting your music savvy, or supporting a good cause, installing a bumper sticker is one of the most popular forms of expression. If you want unique signage for your 'Stang, 3M [(888) 3M-HELPS; www.3m.com] offers this new Custom Image Kit ($24.99). The comprehensive kit utilizes abrasive and film technology to let you apply your desired decal by hand. It also offers everything you need to complete the process in a series of simple steps, including details on how to create a custom image stencil, place the image stencil on your vehicle, and apply the image in a matte finish using a multi-step sanding process. The best part? You can remove the graphic if desired and restore the finish without any damage to your paint. That last feature will be especially handy with your Mustang.

Starter Kit

Want your 'Stang to shine on the inside? This '05-'09 SVE billet interior starter kit from Latemodel Restoration [(866) 507-3786; www.latemodelrestoration.com] has everything you need to transform your interior. It includes a shifter bezel, a mirror control bezel, a headlight knob, a cupholder bezel, an e-brake handle cover, and A/C knobs. With Latemodel Restoration, you will enjoy free shipping on these parts, unless you live in Alaska or Hawaii. And if you live in Hawaii, we don't feel sorry for you having to pay the shipping.

Sounding the Part

Dynomax Performance Exhaust [(734) 384-7806; www.dynomax.com] knows the '10 Mustang GT is at a performance disadvantage compared to the latest Mustangs. To that end, the company offers an exhaust system capable of adding 18 hp and 17 lb-ft of torque to your right foot. Plus, these mufflers are designed to sound the part without droning your eardrums out of your head. The included DynoMax VT mufflers feature a precisely calibrated, patented internal valve that ensures maximum performance while providing a drone-free experience inside the vehicle. The mufflers, combined with 21⁄2-inch, OE-grade, 409 stainless steel piping and a pair of 4-inch, double-wall, slant-cut, logo-embossed steel tips will let others know your '10 GT is not stock.

More Power

We have so many toys inside our Mustangs these days that we need a battery designed to keep up. Bosch's [(888) 715-3616; www.boschautoparts.com] new Absorbed Glass Mat battery yields a high-energy capacity that has the power to handle a number of demands at once. It also has the endurance to perform at a high level day after day. Bosch S6 AGM batteries offer extended shelf life compared to standard lead-acid batteries. "Bosch 100-percent maintenance-free AGM batteries incorporate the only battery technology approved to be used inside the car, offer a four-year free replacement warranty and come with a free roadside assistance program," explained Andreas Tobler, product manager of energy systems for Bosch.

Synthetic Capacity

If you use synthetic oil in your Mustang, you now have a oil filter specifically designed for synthetic oil. Purolator [(800) 459-5599; www.purolatorautofilters.com] synthetic filter is built with 100-percent synthetic media that is custom-engineered to allow you to realize maximum benefits from synthetic motor oils. "Many people that use synthetic motor oils do so because they don't want the hassle of changing their vehicle's oil frequently," said Chuck Kerrigan, director Regional Business Unit, North America, for Purolator. "However, in order to take advantage of the extended life offered by synthetic oils, motorists also need an oil filter that has the ability to continue to capture and hold the tiny particulates that accumulate over time," Chuck added. These filters are designed to have substantially more capacity than conventional oil filters. This allows the filter to capture and safely hold more contaminants generated over the extended life of synthetic oils without getting clogged.