Kristian Grimsland
Associate Editor, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
June 18, 2013

Fuel To The Max

Holley Performance Products has announced that its HP and Dominator fuel pumps and components have been approved for use with gasoline, diesel, and now E85. Each style pump has passed a 1,000-hour, heated E85 testing cycle to ensure durability. Matching HP and Dominator fuel-pressure regulators use a diaphragm material compatible with gasoline, diesel, alcohol, and E85 as well.

X Marks the Spot

The new X-factor crossmember from American Powertrain makes putting a TKO, AOD, or Tremec six-speed in your '83-'93 Mustang a quick bolt-in. The X-factor utilizes the factory crossmember location for each modern transmission need. Offset the X-Factor forward to install the TKO or AOD, or flip it to the rear to fit a Ford T56 or Magnum six-speed. Get the extra gear you deserve.

Safety First

Engineered to exceed NHRA regulations, Stifflers' has released its very own driveshaft safety loop. Installation is quick and easy, and the bolt-in application requires no drilling or welding. Designed for automatic and manual transmissions, its new safety loop bolts directly to your transmission mount. It's can also work with larger aluminum driveshafts and aftermarket exhaust systems. Installation does not require removal of the driveshaft.

Handle This

Kenny Brown Performance recently released its updated line of Advanced Geometry Independent Rear Suspension components designed to fit '99-'04 SVT Cobras. The complete independent rear suspension upgrade consists of tubular rear lower control arms, tubular rear upper control arms, an IRS rear steer kit, an IRS forward torque brace, aluminum IRS differential bushings, and coilover rear-upper shock mounts.