Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
April 1, 2013

Volume Knob

If you need increased flow from your Mustang's fuel pump, check out JMS Chip's [(601) 766-9424; www.jmschip.com new PowerMax fuel-pump booster. The PowerMax splices into the fuel pump's existing feed wire, and is compatible with all 12- and 16-volt electrical systems. It works with all the popular fuel pumps, and is adjustable to your specific fuel needs to eliminate fuel-pressure spikes. A remote-mounted voltage control knob with a green LED light lets you know the system is working as desired.

Fit for Consumption

Putting together a fuel system is a lesson in patience and ingenuity. To make it easier to put together a leak-free system, take a look at Aeroquip's www.aeroquip.com new Socketless Fittings. These black-anodized aluminum fittings feature a three-barbed design, while others on the market use a two-barbed design. The fittings' push ring is also made from anodized aluminum for easier assembly and smarter looks. Since these fittings are offered in six different configurations, there's sure to be a design to complete your fuel system needs.

Voodoo Stroke

At the heart of any engine is the crankshaft. To make sure your engine starts out on the right foot, check out Lunati's [(662) 892-1500; www.lunatipower.com Voodoo forged, fully balanced 4340-steel crankshafts for small- and big-block Ford engines. The crankshafts are available in stock and extended stroke lengths if a stroker engine is more your speed. They are CNC-machined from non-twist alloy steel for strength and durability, and are precision-indexed and dynamically-balanced. Weight-reduction holes are located in each rod journal for quicker acceleration of the rotating assembly, which means quicker engine acceleration as well. Counterweights are machine-profiled to reduce windage and parasitic operating loss, ensuring the most possible power makes it to the rear wheels, where you need it most.

Quick Learner

If you want control over your Mustang's engine, check out AEM's [(310) 484-2322; www.aemelectronics.com new Infinity standalone programmable EMS unit. EMS stands for engine-management system, and this system is designed for Mustangs destined for the track. The system features a 200-MHZ, 32-bit processor with a math co-processor. It's capable of processing 400 MIPS, and includes up to 12 peak-and-hold injector drivers and up to 12 ignition outputs. The Infinity's USB technology downloads up to 480 Mb/second, and the enclosure and connectors are sealed and suitable for engine-bay mounting.

Mickey Street

If you need new tires for your Mustang—and who doesn't—check out Mickey Thompson's [(800) 222-9092; www.mickeythompsontires.com new Street Comp UHP tire. This newly developed tire utilizes Mickey Thompson's race-tire technology in a street tire that's designed for late-model Mustangs. “The Street Comp was designed with American muscle cars in mind,” said Ken Warner, vice president of sales and marketing for Mickey Thompson. “These cars have higher horsepower and torque, and need a UHP street tire with superior response and ride comfort...” The Street Comp has a UTQG 300 AA A treadwear rating and a unique tread design for superior performance and responsive handling in both wet and dry conditions. The Street Comp is available in 18 popular sizes.

Flaw finder

Hose Candy's [(866) 760-5848; www.hosecandy.com Hose Tester vacuum and pressure-leak tester will help you track down pesky leaks within your Mustang's system. This system tests the integrity of engine connections without the need for compressed air or electricity. We've all had various vacuum leaks—this system is designed to help track down those leaks in short order. To use, simply T your gauge in place, then couple it to the vacuum or pressure hose needing testing. Install the quick plugs and pressurize the hose to determine if there's a leak.

Brothers in Wheels

San Diego-based HRE Wheels [(760) 598-1960; www.hrewheels.com and Wisconsin-based automotive artisans Ringbrothers partnered on Ringbrothers Editions by HRE Wheels. Mike and Jim Ring have pushed the envelope of muscle-car design with a string of award-winning custom builds. They applied that same design philosophy to the new Ringbrothers wheel line, which debuted on the Ringbrothers Mustang Switchback in the Ford booth and on display in the HRE booth at the 2012 SEMA Show. HRE will initially offer two unique Ringbrothers designs—the RB1 that utilizes HRE's proven Monoblock technology, and the RB2, which is a lightweight, forged three-piece.


If you want to see more of what's going on under the hood than what your gauges can provide, check out Superchips' [(888) 227-2447; www.superchips.com new iHawk vehicle monitoring system. This system is available for all '05-and-newer Mustangs; check with Superchips on availability for earlier Mustang models. The iHawk enables you to see a variety of measurements via an iPod or iPhone. You can monitor your Mustang's performance, and even use the product's scan tool to read, clear, and email trouble codes. You can also datalog and set automatic alerts for certain parameters should they become out of spec.

Lighter Core

If you want to put your S197 Mustang on a diet, check out Kenny Brown Performance's [(855) 847-4477; www.kennybrown.com new lightweight radiator core support, designed to fit all '05-'13 Mustangs, Boss 302s, and Shelby GT500s. “Our new Lightweight Radiator Core Support is another product of our GT-4 Mustang development program,” according to Kenny Brown. It represents another way to shed pounds from the front of your Mustang and gain some strength for the track. It's also designed for street use, so all of the factory bracing and swaybar brackets fit accordingly. The core support is designed to replace the factory support and is a bolt-on part that requires no modifications. The assembly is manufactured from high-grade steel, is finished in a durable powdercoating, and includes all the required hardware.

Gray Area

If you need a cool-looking and performing carburetor for your Mustang, check out Holley Performance Products' [(270) 782-2900; www.holley.com new Ultra Street Avenger and Ultra Double Pumpers, now available in the This coating first introduced on the Ultra HPs. The Hard Core Gray finish is a hardcoat anodizing that not only looks great, but offers superior corrosion protection. Ultra Street Avengers and Ultra Double Pumpers feature a four-corner idle for precise idle control; clear fuel-level sight windows; Ford automatic transmission kickdown; four vacuum ports for all necessary vacuum accessories; black-anodized billet-aluminum metering blocks; and a factory preset electric choke for fast, easy cold start-ups.

Cool Fox

We all know Fox Mustangs are cool, but to help keep your Fox running cool as well, check out the new SVE high-performance aluminum radiator for '79-'93 Mustangs from Latemodel Restoration Supply [(866) 507-3786; www.latemodelrestoration.com. This radiator is the ideal upgrade from the stock Mustang radiator, and is designed and specifically engineered to maximize cooling efficiency. Whether you use your Fox Mustang for daily driving or take it to the track, many people overlook the importance of installing an upgraded radiator in their Mustang. Latemodel Restoration knows keeping your Fox Mustang cool is of utmost importance.

Summit Storage

Let's face it, not all of us have a four-car garage with a couple lifts. Therefore, space is at a premium. Thankfully, Summit Racing [(800) 230-3030; www.summitracing.com has these Hyloft Overhead storage racks to make use of the space above your head in the garage. These racks allow you to store large or bulky items off the floor, but still keep them within reach. These are ideal for storing Mustang parts out of the way and away from prying eyes. These racks can also be used in the basement, attic, and closets if your Mustang parts collection has even outgrown the garage.