Michael Johnson Associate Editor
January 3, 2014

Fiber Air

Yes, many Mustang fans have fallen in love with carbon fiber. Our own editor is possibly the most guilty of them all, but if you want to work up to his status, you can start with Airaid's [(888) 876-8984; www.airaid.com] new '11-'13 Mustang GT MXP-series carbon-fiber intake system. This system starts with a real-carbon-fiber, 4.25-inch-diameter intake tube and incorporates a special billet plate to accept the factory mass airflow sensor. A cold-air box keeps hot engine air from going into the engine, and it even utilizes the factory cold-air scoop. Finishing off the system is a 1,300-cfm air filter, designed to provide the engine with a steady supply of clean ambient air. Airaid claims this system is good for an additional 11 horsepower and 11 lb-ft of torque.

Toughen Up

Performance Automatic [(240) 439-4650; www.performanceautomatic.com] has assembled a line of performance rebuild kits specifically designed for C4, AOD, AODE, or 4R70W transmissions. These Max Performance kits are not only perfect for freshening up your existing transmission, they're also ideal for upgrading the transmission for increased performance. All of Performance Automatic's kits come complete with all the seals, gaskets, and Raybestos Performance clutches you need to bring your transmission back to life. The Max Performance kits have the same parts included in the company's Street Smart transmissions.

Man of Action

Meguiar's [(800) 347-5700; www.meguiars.com] new DA Power System just might make it possible for a 5.0&SF staffer to achieve spectacular results without removing any actual paint. This tool is designed to remove the barriers of machine polishing, giving Mustang owners an affordable, safe, and versatile solution for your auto-detailing needs. Unlike other polishers, the Meguiar's DA PowerSystem uses a common drill as its power source, creating a user-friendly experience. Simply attach the Meguiar's DA PowerSystem to a regular 3/8-inch, corded power drill with a recommended speed range of 1,200 to 2,500 rpm to machine polish and wax like a professional in no time. The dual-action, oscillating/circular motion of the pad consistently and efficiently replicates hand application, quickly and safely applying compound, polish, and wax with little effort.

Highly Accessorized

In this day and age, we all love our gadgets. To make sure your Mustang has the battery power to keep up, Interstate Batteries [(866) 842-5368; www.interstatebatteries.com] has a new AGM offering to keep your tech juiced. Interstate claims its MT7 AGM battery is ideal for handling the cranking and reserve power demands that our Mustangs need. This battery is designed to support cell phone chargers, GPS systems, and the like. The MT7 AGM features Interstate's Pure Matrix Power, a 99.99- percent pure lead in ultra-thin plates. Interstate claims the combination of pure lead, without the common impurities of alloyed lead, and increased surface area of the thinner pates results in a battery that performs at an extremely high level.

No Wipe Needed

You're probably more familiar with DupliColor's [(800) 247-3270; www.duplicolor.com] line of DIY paint products, but its latest product is designed to keep your Mustang's tires looking good. The company's Tire Shine is a silicone-free clear coating that is designed to provide a long-lasting and durable shine for all tires. Tire Shine's Shine-Last technology bonds to the tire surface and will not sling or wash off... meaning that shine on your tires is designed to last five times longer. Tire Shine is designed to keep its shine through rain and the elements -- wash after wash.

Tubular IRS

Kenny Brown Performance [(855) 847-4477; www.kennybrown.com] recently released its updated line of Advanced Geometry independent rear suspension components designed to fit '99-'04 SVT Cobras. Along with new manufacturing, several changes have been made, including a redesigned upper control arm and other updates to weight, strength, and function. Kenny's Advanced Geometry independent rear suspension is designed to replace the OEM suspension components to offer racing-inspired suspension geometry, a 40-percent reduction in weight, and a conversion to coilover shock design. A complete independent rear suspension upgrade consists of Kenny Brown's tubular rear-lower control arms, tubular rear-upper control arms, IRS rear-steer kit, IRS forward torque brace, aluminum IRS differential bushings, and coilover rear-upper shock mounts. There are also a range of coilover shocks available depending on the application.