August 26, 2013
Contributers: NoModYet_1

We've had the King of the Street's dyno portion at Holley Performance Products in Bowling Green, Kentucky the last few years now. Holley must like having us there because the company just agreed to let us return for 2013. Read more after the jump...

"That can't be right," is a phrase we used to hear quite a bit, but since we've held the dyno portion at Holley, hearing those words from competitors has become less frequent. We used to strap the KOTS cars to a small-roller portable dyno, but Holley's Dynojet makes it more easily capable of handling the high-horsepower cars we routinely have in the King of the Street competition.

The horsepower record is 1,139, set by Tony Alm and his compound-boosted GT500 a couple years ago. Will we see that record fall at this year's King of the Street? We'll find out Friday October 4th at Holley's headquarters in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

As a reminder, this week is it for sending in KOTS applications, which you can send to Get 'em in to us quick, time is running out. We'll choose this year's contestants Tuesday September 3rd, 2013.

Good luck.

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