May 8, 2013
Contributers: dfarr

Lady Mustang owners, Royal Purple is looking for a female-owned display vehicle for this fall’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Royal Purple Ladies, an initiative that advances women’s interests in the automotive industry, is seeking applications for a female-owned vehicle to be featured at the 2013 SEMA Show on November 5-8. “We are looking for a vehicle to represent Royal Purple Ladies that is 100 percent female owned, restored, or built, either a show or race car,” said Royal Purple Communications Specialist, Marlena Solomon.

The selected vehicle will not be in the Royal Purple booth, but will be placed in the Convention Center or around the SEMA Show grounds.

The owner of the selected vehicle will have all fees and registration taken care of by Royal Purple. The winning owner will also receive an invite to Royal Purple’s VIP dinner in Las Vegas during the show. However, vehicle transportation to Las Vegas and hotel accommodations are not included, although Royal Purple can assist with pricing for both. Other costs associated with the trip are also the responsibility of the owner.

Women who would like to be considered should submit the following by May 31, 2013:


Detailed spec list for the vehicle (include Royal Purple products used)


Photos (no more than 10) of the vehicle inside and out


One written page with four paragraphs that include:


Paragraph 1 - Tell us about yourself


Paragraph 2 - History of your vehicle


Paragraph 3 - Why should you be selected to show your car as a Feature Vehicle?


Paragraph 4 - How do you hope to inspire other women by showing your vehicle?

Entries can be submitted electronically to msolomon@royalpurple.com or mailed it to:

Royal Purple

Attn: Marlena Solomon

1 Royal Purple Lane, Porter, TX 77365