May 2, 2013
Contributers: supercharger.heaven

Change has always been a constant in the automotive enthusiast industry, but things are moving faster than ever and the challenges are many, from business technology to supply chain evolution, globalization to aging enthusiast demographics, intrusions from the government and more. Our own Doug Evans understands these issues like few others in the space. Doug has been involved in the industry for more than 30 years and has been fighting for the enthusiast hobby every step of the way. Of course we’re biased, but we believe Doug would be a great addition to the 2013 SEMA Board of Directors.

Below is an outline from Evans about how he would address these pressing issues:

As your SEMA Chairman, I will take decisive action to help members understand these forces of change and arm you with information to make better business decisions to maintain and grow your companies. For the term of my service, I will make the following my priorities:

Legislative/Regulatory– Monitoring and quickly acting upon legislative and regulatory developments and working to keep government out of our wallets and out of our sports.

Stimulating the Business Environment – I am proposing a series of research and educational initiatives that will share business knowledge and best practices, providing members easier access to critical information. I will focus on youth involvement and engaging new enthusiasts to ensure SEMA’s future. I will focus on business technology and helping our members to understand and utilize these emerging technologies to grow our segment and make us more profitable.

OEM Relations – I want to use my long-time working relationships with the Detroit Three to improve and bolster SEMA status with our OEM partners. I will continue to develop a more positive and cooperative dialogue with OEMs over trademark issues, and I will work to gain access to measurement and fitment data critical to getting new parts and accessories to market faster.

SEMA Branding and Revenue – I am committed to increasing the visibility of the SEMA brand and developing new revenue streams for the association, ensuring SEMA’s long-term financial health. I will be vigilant in developing new ways to make the SEMA Show more attractive and affordable to attract high-quality companies and buyers from all over the world.

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