May 2, 2013
Contributers: Editor_Turner

Want to integrate all your favorite apps and media into your car's interior? Well Vizualogic has headrests with dockable Android tablets. Check out the official words after the jump...

 Corona, CA—Starting March 11th, Vizualogic will start shipping their Smartlogic rear seat entertainment system. Featuring 2 US-made Android based multimedia devices, it will retail for $1499.

The kit includes 2 fully removable android systems docked Vizulogic’s PerfectMatch headrests. Customers can purchase additional headrests to easily bring their rear seat entertainment to their second vehicle. When docked the headrests charge the system; they also provide external USB ports for a keyboard, a mouse, USB drive and other accessories. Audio from the system can be transmitted through the integrated FM transmitter to the vehicle’s radio. There’s no need to leave the fun in the car, as the system provides up to 5 hours of entertainment with its internal battery. The kit will include a pair of wireless headphones, a set of ear buds, a carrying case and home charger for each device.

The system features a 1 GHz processor, 4GB of storage (upgradeable with a microSD card to 36GB), a front facing camera, Wi-Fi and a 7” screen. Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, they allow passengers to enjoy games, music, and movies, along with email, web browsing, video chat and steaming video when paired with a Wi-Fi hotspot. Over 700,000 apps on the preloaded Google Play store.

Later revisions will include more storage, faster processors, and the addition of an HDMI port. Customers will be able to send their system to Vizualogic for an inexpensive upgrade as they become available, keeping them up-to-date while avoiding the hassle and expense of removing and re-installing an entire new system.

Visit www.vizualogic.com or call (800) 624-7960 for more information.

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