June 21, 2013
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Ford Motor Company has kept the new-generation Mustang tightly under wraps with a few spy photos surfacing here and there. While the photos haven’t provided a whole lot of information, one thing was certainly clear – independent rear suspension. By utilizing something akin to the Australian Ford Falcon, the handling limits of the new Mustang chassis could be pushed even further.

However, in the video, it appears that the big beefy Brembo brakes up front are not paired with fixed rear Brembo calipers as on a typical IRS-equipped car. The floating brake calipers behind the rear wheels would indicate this particular prototype is rocking a solid rear axle, further fueling the speculation that a live axle may be a low-volume option or again reserved for GT and base models (like on the SN95).

One confirmation we know for sure, the sixth-generation Mustang is going global. The retro cues will likely be tossed aside with the Mustang taking on more of a futuristic appearance much like Ford’s 2011 Evos concept ­– minus the gullwing doors, of course.

This brand-new pony is said to be smaller and lighter than the current model with the option of a turbocharged 2.3L EcoBoost engine. With gas prices considerably higher overseas than they are here, that would ensure better fuel-efficiency without sacrificing power. <

With the test mule rolling around incognito, it’s hard to tell exactly what we’re looking at, but it does appear to be quite a bit smaller than the fifth-gen blue Mustang trailing behind in the video. As the man in the video gets on the gas a little bit, we do hear a rumble that undoubtedly screams Mustang. Now that we’ve seen a live video of the test mule, it only leaves us hungry for more.

Other rumors have surfaced stating that Ford will be dropping the Shelby name and possibly bringing back the SVT Cobra. Also, another Mach 1 is rumored to appear somewhere in the lineup over the next few years.

No matter the outcome, there will be folks who love it and those who hate it. We’re hoping that we love it, but only time will tell.

Watch the spy video here!

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