June 4, 2013
Contributers: supercharger.heaven

Oklahoma is no stranger to tornadoes, and when the season kicks up full force there’s no telling where disaster is going to strike next and just how much time is needed to get out of the path of destruction. That point was illustrated on May 20 when EF5 tornado about two miles wide unexpectedly and tragically took lives and leveled the town of Moore, just south of Oklahoma City.

Among the devastation, stories of survival and hope surfaced, along with one Ford Mustang that certainly brought a whole new meaning to Ford’s slogan “Built Ford Tough”. Jack Haden, Jr. and his expecting wife, Stephanie, survived the storm and came out to see their 2003 Ford Mustang crunched up against a tree and covered with heavy debris.

After removing the debris piled up around the Mustang, it miraculously started up! As you can see, this New Edge Mustang sustained extensive damage, and three of the tires were punctured. As Mustang lovers and owners, how do we finish off a set of tires? There’s no better way than to burn the rubber right off! You can see in this video that the heart of this Mustang is still pumping strong!

Cutting the roof off of the Stang to make it driveable and adding a set of wheels from their other Mustang, Jack and his friend, Nick, rolled around town surveying the damage and taking in some sun in their new makeshift Mustang convertible. While riding around, they brought smiles to the faces of those who were there and dealing with the devastation Mother Nature wrought.

Watch the tornado New Edge burn out here, and check out the incredible photos. It is impressive that this Mustang even started up at all, but we can certainly vouch that this Ford was not found on the road dead, but a survivor that is Ford tough indeed!

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