August 27, 2013
Contributers: NoModYet_1

This week is it for King of the Street applications, and last night night we received one for Chris Escobar's SVO. The car features a built Coyote engine with twins on it. The car was just finished a few weeks ago by Lamotta Performance, and it's a beast, but should we have it in the King of the Street competition? It has a 'Glide in it, full cage, and we doubt it has A/C, power steering, cruise, and the like. However, it's a significant car in Mustang lore. Is it a KOTS car? What say you?

My name is A.J. Tompkins from LaMotta Performance in Orlando, FL. We would like to enter our built twin turbo coyote 5.0 SVO Fox driven and owned by Chris Escobar. The car has a powerglide and cage but also sports full interior trim that has been fully restored & new paint. Most importantly it has excellent streetability to stay true to it's NMRA True Street roots. We believe it would be a fun car to add into the mix with the old school and new school appeal. The last few years have been all 11-up models and everyone loves to see Fox Mustangs, or in this case an SVO with a modern powerplant! The car dynoed around 935hp and 770tq. During test and tune last week Chris ran 9.1 @ 163mph just running it easy down the track. You can call to speak with me or the owner, Jake LaMotta at 407-878-8665 or 407-695-4549. I have included photos & a video of the car in action and on the dyno for you as well. On behalf of Chris Escobar & Jake LaMotta we thank you for your time

& consideration.

Send your KOTS application to Get it in this week, we pick cars next Tuesday September 3rd.

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