September 1, 2002

Step By Step

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Mark Potter’s ’67 GT500 dream car. The C6-equipped Brittany Blue street warrior was totally restored by Mark, from interior to paint. Though we tried to get him to trade us the car for a Yugo and $20 cash, he declined. No matter, Editor Ford snapped the cover shot from the back of a speeding Buick (the things we’ll do for you folks!) that was piloted by Shelby “Killah” Cox. Fortunately, all survived the ordeal.

Mustang Monthly
September 2002
Volume 25, Number 9

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Top Buyer’s Tips

Pony Trails 2002
The Grand National, Fast Times at Lowes
Fast tracking around North Carolina and one of the big ovals? Way too cool.

All About Brakes
Building better binders boils down to understanding what brings you to a safe stop.

A Decade of Blue
Brock Berg’s ’66 fastback.

The Big Woah!
Judy and Steve Amoss’ ’70 Mach 1.


Turnin’ Yellow
Medium Bright Yellow and finally done, behold the Lazarus project.

19 (ish) and Holding
Paul Elliott’s ’66 GT350H.

Growing Up Mustang
Allyson Bruhn’s ’96 GT Convertible.

How To: Install a Tilt Steering Column
Flaming River’s tilt steering column adds to the driving pleasure of your vintage Mustang and works with the stock steering wheel, too.

Guide to Ram Air: 1968½ to ’73
Helping you know your ram air and find the parts that are out there.

How To: Prep Your ’87-’93 Hatchback for Paint
All of us want to save money on our cars; here’s one way to do that where your paint job is concerned.

MUSTANG!!! 1999-2003
Ford goes back to the drawing board and makes the SN-95 Mustang even better.