Zach Martin
November 16, 2017

Racepak Vantage CL1 Cloud Based Data Kit

Holley/MSD // 888-429-4709

As fun as grassroots motorsports is, it can be a lot to manage, and some things can start to slip through the cracks. The last thing you want to lose track of is data acquisition, and keeping your car healthy. The folks at Racepak have identified the inefficiencies of data acquisition and have simplified it with the Vantage CL1 and D3 application.

The inspiration came from the smartphone and the fact that nearly everyone has one on them all the time. Using an onboard data box, every ounce of information of your vehicle can be displayed on a smart phone, stored, and shared in real time via the cloud to any other devices of your crew in the pits. Technology like this has been available to professional race teams for years, but the high cost has prevented it from trickling down to the weekend warrior. Initially, this product was developed for karting, but Racepak plans on applications of this product in all motorsports in the future.

X Pedal Pro Throttle Controller

Injen Technology Co. // 909-839-0706

The X-Pedal Pro from Injen Technology takes drive-by-wire technology to the next level by allowing the individual user to tailor it to their needs. This plug-in module lets the driver modify electronic throttle signals on the fly depending on the needed performance of the vehicle. If you're sitting in traffic and don't need hair-trigger response and power, or if you are towing a trailer uphill and need increased control and power, or anything in between, the X-Pedal allows for it.

GEN-Y Hitch Gooseneck Torsion Suspension Coupler

GEN-Y Hitch// 574-218-6363

The GEN-Y Gooseneck Torsion Suspension Coupler is the newest product from GEN-Y Hitch. Like their other products, this Gooseneck-style coupler uses heavy-duty rubber torsion flex cords to mitigate up to 90 percent of the inertia between truck and trailer. This technology will keep you trailer and tow vehicle stable, ensuring the precious cargo you're towing will not get damaged. If you encounter harsh road conditions that make most trailers buck and surge, the GEN-Y Torsion suspension coupler will keep all tires on the ground and tracking straight. Available in 16K and 25K models, and in both round and square.


HUDWAY // 424-581-7501

HUDWAY Cast is a portable heads-up display for your car. Using devices while driving is still a big problem in society today. Whether at work or at home, people are constantly in communication. Nearly all new vehicles come with some kind of hands-free operation featured as a standard option, however, drivers are still taking their eyes off the road to interact with them. This is where HUDWAY Cast come in. If you need to get directions, receive calls, texts, and control your music in a safer and easier way, their latest product may be for you. It works wirelessly with iOS and Android devices, and always allows you to see your directions in your line of sight while your phone acts as a quick-access control panel. When you finally get your project on the road and want to take it on a long trip, this system will show any road trip information you need while keeping your head up.

EZ Pulley

EZ Pulley 516-805-8653

From modern cars to restomod builds, diagnosing a problem with an engine quickly and effectively is critical. Now you can diagnose engine component failures with EZ Pulley, the only digital diagnostic tool for engine component failures. The tool can attach to any pulley with a bayonet-style latch, whether its alternator, ac compressor, steering pump, idler, or tensioner pulley. Once applied, it can be WiFi connected to the app where engine diagnostic information is displayed so you can quickly know what repairs you need to make.

OPTIMA Yellowtop Group H6 and H7

OPTIMA // 888-867-8462

OPTIMA Batteries released the newest member of its YELLOWTOP family, the DIN H6 and H7 group sizes. Their YELLOWTOP line will now be available in more than 90 percent of vehicles spanning the late-model domestic and European makes and models with PUREFLOW TECHNOLOGY. These batteries have been engineered with 99.9 percent pure lead, a highly-compressed radial grid, and a direct-path, cast-on strap. OPTIMA has tested their new products not only in a controlled environment, but in real-world racing applications such as King of the Hammers and Nurburgring's 24-hour race. This new product line from Optima can not only deliver the performance that you demand in your project or performance car, but also in your daily driver.

Thermocure Cooling System Flush for Rust

Evapo-Rust // 479-756-9877

Dickies Industrial WorkTech Short Sleeve Ventilated Performance Shirt

Dickies // 800-342-5437

The Dickies Worktech shirt offers ventilation in key areas with breathable performance mesh, which is designed to bring in air and move heat away from the body. The built-in evaporation zones provide greatly improved relief from heat exposure. The mechanical stretch poplin is 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. Stains are not a concern with the easy-care stain release technology, and the shirt's color won't fade after washing. If you're working in a hot environment or just need to stay a little extra cool, these vented shirts are what you need.