2013 Ford Mustang Roush Phase 3 Burnout
Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
May 23, 2014

There must be a certain fear when handing the keys over to your high-horsepower vehicle and tossing them to a young valet guy to park at his leisure. What if the valet guy was drift guy Justin Pawlak? Sure, the scenario is unlikely, but it does make for one awesome video.

The 2014 Roush Phase 3 Ford Mustang – one of our previous and super-worthy feature cars – is the star of this video by Roush Performance dubbed The Valet. While parking at The Petersen Automotive Museum, the driver hands the keys over to none other than Justin Pawlak, the valet guy.

As we are sure you have figured out by now, JTP isn’t going to just casually drive the Roush Phase 3 Ford Mustang – and all 675 horses -- and park it nicely in some open parking spot. Shenanigans commences with JTP sliding the loud green Roush Phase 3 Mustang sideways through a parking garage complete with the normal obstacles such as massive pillars, narrow passageways, and concrete walls.

Honestly, the Roush Mustang is in better hands with professional drift driver JTP than with some young valet guy who might not know the power that the Roush Phase 3 Ford Mustang has to offer.


We must add that this sweet Ford Mustang Phase 3 will be given away to one lucky winner! This mean and somewhat green Roush Phase 3 Mustang can be yours, just visit www.RoushContest.com and submit your entry.