Evan J. Smith
March 6, 2013

What started as an interactive retail store experience in 2007 with the first RIDEMAKERZ “build-a-car” workshop in Myrtle Beach, SC, has successfully driven into mass-market stores with the introduction of XTREME CUSTOMZTM this past holiday season.

RIDEMAKERZ is set to expand its line of XTREME CUSTOMZ in 2013 with distribution at Target beginning in Spring 2013 and the addition of new bodystyles plus stand-alone accessory kits.

With XTREME CUSTOMZ, kids can build and customize the car or “RIDE” of their dreams with snap-on parts including custom rims, engines, and sidepipes.

Choose from authentic automotive RIDEZ like the Dodge Viper and Chevy Corvette as well as “Hero” RIDEZ like Spider-Man and Batman.

New bodystyles for 2013 include the iconic Ford Mustang GT and a series of trucks including the RZ Helitruck, RZ Lifeforce, RZ Rhino Dump Truck and Monster Jam Grave Digger.

The “Hero” line-up will also grow in 2013 with the addition of Ironman and The Joker.

Each kit includes a set of “Mix N Match” parts – ranging from flame sidepipes to bat wings to supercharged engines. All parts are interchangeable across bodystyles so kids can customize and trick 'em out over and over again. Each XTREME CUSTOMZ™ vehicle also features a 4-mode adjustable chassis so kids can customize the way they cruise. Choose from Race, Jacked, Lifted, and Off-Road…all with the push of a button!

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