Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
June 12, 2015
Photos By: Reedy Press

On any given weekend there are tens of thousands of vehicle enthusiasts doing something automotive related. From the basic car show to attending a museum or racing event, there’s so much to do you’d almost need a book listing all of these great experiences and where they’re located in order to take them all in. What a great idea, right? That’s exactly what Jason Fogelson thought as well. Fogelson’s new book, 100 Things for Every Gearhead to Do Before They Die, outlines over 100 different activities you should experience as an enthusiast.

The book is broken out into chapters on Rides and Drives, Car Auctions, Car Museums, New Car Shows, Classic Car Shows, Concours d’Elegance, Factory Tours, Land Speed Events, Motorcycle Museums, Off-Road Events, Racing, Road Rallies, Test Drives/Experiences, Driving Schools, and Track Days. Rolled in with these chapters are gearhead profiles on some very big enthusiasts, such as Jay Leno, Adam Ferrara, Derek Jenkins, and several others. Lastly, the tail end of the book features seasonal itineraries, and a segment on wrenching on your own vehicle. All-in-all, the book features over 200 pages on some of the greatest automotive happenings across the U.S. that you should make every effort to attend at least once in your life.

Each chapter has an intro while each entry within that chapter’s subject matter is often a single page, which details the event, location, operating hours, any costs, and so on. The handy paperback size means it is easy to take along for road trips. We’d love to just cross the country, checking off museums, auctions, and shows as we cruised along!

As we flipped through the chapters it was exciting to “check off” the things we’ve already attended and we definitely dog-eared a few pages for some future events we want to attend as well. Fogelson does an admirable job of creating a well-rounded list that will inspire and guide enthusiasts to some great destinations. The gearhead profiles are quite interesting as well, with Fogelson asking about their favorite destinations, how they became gearheads themselves, and more.

Jason Fogelson writes about cars, motorcycles, trucks, and travel. His work can be found online and in print for many publications, including,, AOL Autos,, the Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur, Maximum Drive, American Survival Guide, Firepower World, RideApart, You Must Be Trippin’, and many others.

Fogelson’s 100 Things for Every Gearhead to Do Before They Die is part of Reedy Press’s 100 Things to Do Before You Die book series. It is a softcover book, 6x9 inches, 160 pages with black and white photography, and retails for $18. You can order direct from Reedy Press or through your favorite book retailer. The book’s ISBN is 9781681060040.