July 24, 2013
Contributers: NoModYet_1

Time is running out to get in your King of the Street application. One gentleman that's already submitted his is Phillip Myers, out of Houston, Texas. See more about his 'Stang after the jump...

Phillip's Kenny Brown-prepped '12 Shelby GT500 looks very much like what we're looking for when it comes to the King of the Street. It has a MMR-built engine, a Kenne Bell 3.6L supercharger, a Tremec Magnum 6-speed, Baer brakes, a full Kenny Brown suspension and chassis upgrade, a pounding audio system, and comfortable Recaro leather seats. Could he be one of the cars we pick? He has a strong chance, but like everyone else, he'll have to wait until we pick the final contestants. That will take place Labor Day weekend.

If you haven't submitted your King of the Street application, email us a couple pics, and text telling us about your Mustang to Get them in quick, time is running out.


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