September 19, 2013
Contributers: NoModYet_1

We've finished up the engine build, and clutch break-in process with our 2001 Bullitt Two-Valve build. It's now up to you to guess what it makes. The winner with the correct horsepower without going over wins you a coveted 5.0&SF tag. For more details on the build, check it after the jump...

Our Two-Valve build consists of a Ford Racing 5.0L stroker short block, and Trick Flow's 44cc heads, cams, and Streetburner intake. Supporting equipment includes Ford Racing 47lb/hr injectors, an SCT 2600 meter, BBK Performance long-tube headers with a corresponding X-shape crossover, and a Flowmaster after-cat. We're using a Centerforce DYAD clutch, and the 500-mile break-in is done so we're ready to see what it makes.

We'll be taking the Bullitt to Brothers Performance in Deland, FL, tomorrow so let your guesses be heard. The closest guess without going over wins.

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