October 1, 2002

Step By Step

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Douglas Herr’s low-mile ’69 Boss 429 scoots for our cameras. Well, actually, Doug’s car was sitting still for these shots and Pat Hays, our electronic arts diva, put the “motion lotion” to the photo via Photoshop and some serious time. The original shot is the first fully digital cover photo that we have ever used here at Mustang Monthly. From the capable camera of Chuck James to final process, no film was harmed in its production.

November 2002 Volume 25, Number 11

The car that Shinoda built and Ford pushed is still a performance icon.

How Engines Work
Basic information for beginning enthusiasts and people who just plain want to learn about cars.

Carlisle Mustang Update
The Carlisle Mustang gets closer to completion.

Silver Mine
Jerry Goodman’s ’66 convertible.

Requiem for a Throughbred
Tom Mynes’ ’68 GT fastback.

From Sea To Shining Sea
Fran Cosentino’s ’69 Mustang convertible.

Mach and Roll
Available on ’02-’03 Mustangs, the optional Mach 1000 stereo system takes original-equipment high-fidelity car audio to unprecedented heights in sound quality and output.

Green Meany
Marv Heath’s ’69 GT500 Shelby SportsRoof.

Snake Bite
Bob Shumaker’s ’94 Cobra.

How To: Diagnose Cowl Leaks
Sometimes a leak may not be what you think.

How To: Install a
Turn-Signal Switch in a ’65-’66 Mustang

Though not the most glamorous thing to think about, properly functioning turn signals are important on any car—vintage Mustangs included.

How To: Replace Fox-Body Door Lock Actuators
Eliminate the negative by replacing your door lock actuators to regain a sense of vehicle security.

Pony Trails 2002

Surprise Trail!
Viva Las Vegas!

No, there won’t be an Elvis impersonator there, but you will get a southerner and some good ole-fashioned fun.

How To: Install an Auto Meter Gauge Cluster
Auto Meter’s new Lunar Series gauge cluster is virtually a plug-in and play affair for ’99 and newer Mustang GTs.