March 26, 2013
Contributers: Editor_Turner

Are you ready to push your Coyote beyond what the stock internals can support? Well, Probe has some new pistons to consider. Check out the official words after the jump...

 PROBE Industries Forged Pistons - The Fastest, Most Powerful Pistons For the Money!

Designed specifically for 2011-Up Coyote 5.0 engines, these Probe SRS forged pistons are designed for high performance street and most racing applications including boost and nitrous. Pistons available in STD bore and .020 oversize and utilize a high performance 1.0mm/1.2mm/2.8mm ring-pack.


• 2618-t61 Forged Aluminum

• Lightweight wrist pins

• Offset Pins for quite operation

• Available in 9.5 & 11 to 1 compression ratios

• Full floating wrist pins

• Tight running clearances

• Narrow piston rings

• Drilled oil returns

• Low drag skirt design

• Design specific valve reliefs 

For complete details, visit Probe Industries at www.probeindustries.com or give them a call at 310.784.2977

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