May 9, 2013
Contributers: dfarr

CarTech has published a new book dedicated to the rebuilding and set-up of Ford 8.8- and 9-inch rear ends.

Written by Joe Palazzolo, Ford Differentials: How to Rebuild the 8.8 and 9 Inch offers step-by-step rebuild and gear ratio change information for two of the Mustang's most popular rear ends. The 9-inch was used for performance applications during the musclecar heydays and is still a popular axle for vintage Mustang restomods and race cars. The 8.8-inch was used for the 5.0L Mustang during the Fox-body era.

Featuring 400 color photos, the 144-page softbound book also provides a 9-inch identification charts and covers performance differentials from aftermarket manufacturers.

Ford Differentials: How to Rebuild the 8-8 and 9 Inch retails for $24.95 plus $6.95 shipping. Order by calling 800/551-4754 or visit www.cartechbooks.com.

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