March 29, 2013
Contributers: MustangMan

1970 Mustang LED Interior Lighting Kit From Mustang Project

The LED experts ar at it again! Check out the news in their press release below.

NEW from Mustang Project: LED lamps for your interior lighting! Convert your interior lighting to cool running long lasting LEDs! Available in 5 colors to match your interior or chose classic white. Easy to install and designed especially for the classic Mustang.

This kit is specifically designed for the classic mustang. Ordinary LEDs won't work in many classic mustang lighting circuits. Mustang Project LEDs are longer lasting than standard lamps, won't melt or discolor the lenses, and have a limited lifetime warranty! Available in WHITE, AMBER, GREEN, BLUE, and RED.

Works for all models of the Mustang, Coupe, Convertible, MACH/Fastback. All lamps are included for the standard interior for all model types. Mustang Project LED door lamps are specially designed just for the door light fixture! No other LED lamps on the market work in Mustang doors -- another exclusive Mustang Project product. Each kit contains the following lamp replacements that are specifically designed for classic Mustangs! to learn more

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