KJ Jones Brand Manager, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
April 18, 2014
Photos By: KJ Jones

The Mustang Club of America’s 4-day birthday celebration for the iconic ‘Stang entered its second day on Friday, with a heavy buzz about the Kona Blue “50th Anniversary Edition” Mustang GT that a few-hundred lucky enthusiasts got to see, in a celebrity-filled, special unveiling held on the Brooklyn Bridge, at New York, New York hotel and casino.

We were there to witness the wraps being pulled off, by Henry Ford III and Ford Motor Company’s COO, Mark Fields. And as you’ll see in the photos we captured, the event really was a special part of the celebration. As a homage to Mustang’s history, only 1,964 of these special Ponies are being sold (April 17, 1964 is the date when Mustang made its debut at The World’s Fair held in New York City), so get your orders in now, if you want what we’re sure will be one of the most-collectible Mustangs of all time.

You know, this “Mustang hobby” that we’re all a part of really is amazing. Think about it…Really…We all unequivocally “love” the cars, and we also dig the lifestyle they’ve spawned, since the first Ponies rolled off the assembly line--50 years ago.

For some of us (me, as well as 5.0 contributor, Eric English, who said these exact words during a conversation we had Thursday evening), our Mustangs are like proverbial “members of the family,” and they truly give us a feeling of pride as owners. The Mustangs themselves are the “constant” for all of us, but the ways we enjoy, or better yet, “experience” our cars, differ from individual to individual.

At the Las Vegas birthday celebration, while many enthusiasts had their cars on display in the speedway’s parking lot, nearly 100 hard-core ‘Stangbangers were barreling their rides through the turns and straightaways of the road course, where our friend, Jeff Lacina’s Track Guys program was in full swing.

This “pride” notion is truly manifested as fact, when you simply walk through the rows and rows of beautiful Ponies on display in the parking lot at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and speak with their owners, many of whom also have one-or-more other ‘Stangs in their garages. “It’s definitely a lifestyle. Something that I really love being a part of,” said Robert Gumm, of Turlock, California, adding, “It’s so cool to be able to share that passion here with so many people from all over the world.”

Rob’s beautiful, 2006 GT is just one of the many Ponies that caught our attention here in Vegas. A rundown of Editor KJ Jones’s favorite ‘Stangs at the 50th celebration will come after the close of the event on Sunday. Be sure to keep www.mustang-360.com saved as one of your “favorite” web sites, and see which ‘Stangs made the list.

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