February 15, 2013

Special Editions

I enjoyed the October issue’s article about special edition Mustangs. I have an advertisement from the Lynchburg, Virginia, newspaper for the ’68 Cardinal Edition, which was available in Virginia and North Carolina. Unfortunately, I don’t know the publication date.

Don Seay
Chesapeake, VA

In October’s “Special Editions” article, you show a ’69 Mustang E and stated that you’ve never seen one. While on leave from the Army back in the late 1970s, I was driving a 428 Mach 1 and was at a friend’s house in St. Cloud, Minnesota, when a ’69 Mustang came driving up with the “Mustang E” on it. The owner told me it had a six-cylinder and proceeded to open the hood to show me. I never saw it again.

Vernon Rousselange
Long Prairie, MN

I read the article about the ’65-’72 special edition Mustangs and have a correction for you.

I have a ’67 Mustang hardtop with the Sports Sprint package. I purchased the car from the original owner six years ago. He gave me the window sticker that shows the Sports Sprint package as a $35 option. Your article states that the Sports Sprint package was offered at no additional cost.

I also have a question. You state that 101,419 hardtops were made with this package. Can you tell me how many were six cylinders? Is there any way to know how many ’67 Mustangs were made with the same options and color?

Jackson Vaughan
Olive Branch, MS

Thanks for passing along the information from your Sprint’s window sticker. It appears that Ford possibly began charging for the Sprint option at some point during the 1967 model year.

For a break-down by six-cylinder, options, and colors, we suggest you order a Marti Report from Marti Autoworks (www.martiauto.com). Kevin Marti is licensed by Ford to provide the production information for ’67 and later vehicles from Ford’s database.

Canadian Attack

I read the November Hoofbeats column with interest. It says that when you purchase a new Boss 302, you get a special gift package from Ford as well as an invitation to attend the Boss Track Attack.  I ordered my Boss last year from a Canadian Ford dealer, paying $10,000 more than in the U.S. When I asked about the special gift and the Track Attack invite, I was told by Ford that it only applies to cars purchased in the U.S.

Cliff Fowler,
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Her Mustang is a ’64½ six-cylinder coupe and mine is a ’65 GT fastback.

Like Mom, Like Son

My Mom and I had some fun making matching photos of our vintage Mustangs, hers taken in 1964 and mine in 2010. Her Mustang is a ’64½ six-cylinder coupe and mine is a ’65 GT fastback. She got her Mustang in the fall of 1964 as a student at SMU, which we all know had some history in the naming of the Mustang when Ford executives attended a Michigan vs. SMU football game and Lee Iacocca saw the fighting spirit in the SMU Mustang team. I know this because my Mother’s sorority sister at SMU was Kathy Laux, the daughter of Ford executive Gar Laux. Kathy got one of the first Mustangs and my Mom had to have one as well.

Konner Coon
San Antonio, TX

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