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October 12, 2012

68 Double Feature
Mustang (Canada only)

Returning for a second year, Canada's special edition Mustang was more closely based on the Springtime Sprint than in the previous year. It came with all of the Springtime Sprint options but added the two-toned louvered hood and pop-open gas cap. They were advertised with a $73.05 savings. Kevin Marti's Mustang… By the Numbers book indicates that 1,757 were sold.

'68 Color of the Month Specials

For the first four months of 1968, Ford's Denver Sales District promoted certain colors each month to correspond with holidays. January's color was Black Hills Gold, February and Valentine's Day claimed Passionate Pink (often referred to as Playboy or Playmate Pink), March had Emerald Green for St. Patrick's Day, and April's color was Eastertime Coral. It is estimated that only ten were built each month. The Color of the Month Mustangs can be identified by the San Jose production plant, Denver DSO 51 plus a four-digit special order code, and blank paint code.

'68-'69 Rainbow of Colors

Sold in the San Jose and Los Angeles districts, the Rainbow of Colors Mustangs were offered from the beginning of February 1968 and returned again for 1969. They were well-advertised and listed 10 available colors such as Madagascar Orange, Orange Ice, Chocolate, Whipped Cream, Spanish Gold, Dandelion Yellow, Razzle-Dazzle Yellow, Hot Pink, Sierra Blue, and Moss Green. Many but not all included the Sprint A package. The Rainbow Mustangs can be identified by the Los Angeles DSO 71 and the blank color code on the door tag.

There were other Rainbow specials advertised in other districts with colors like Stone Yellow, Forest Green, Turned-on Orange, Gremlin Green, Flower Orchid, Beatnik Blue, and Poppy Pink.

'69 Mustang "E"

The Mustang "E" was a basic SportsRoof with a 250-1V engine with special carburetor jetting, special torque converter, and 2.33:1 axle ratio, all to aid fuel mileage. This little known economy car was not well promoted and only 96 were built. Very few have surfaced to date.

'69 Going Thing

In May 1969, Ford held an All-Ford Performance Day at Thompson Dragway in eastern Ohio to showcase Ford's performance cars, the Ford Drag Team, and the region's new special edition Mustangs and Torinos. The "Going Thing" Mustangs were painted Grabber Blue (which didn't become readily available until '70) with white stripes similar to the Boss 302 C-stripe but with "The Going Thing" reversed out along the bottom. They also included the Mustang's top performance packages with 428 CJ and 351 four-barrel engines. It has not been determined how many were built. They can be identified by a blank color code and a DSO code of 32-2249. They may have been available in red as well, but that has yet to be confirmed.

'69 Pop-Option Sale

Similar to the previous Sprints, Ford offered specially-equipped SportsRoof and hardtop Mustangs beginning in February 1969. Also advertised as the Western Mustang, the special added a hood scoop, dual racing mirrors, side tape stripes, full wheel covers, and whitewall tires. The special sold well with 62,240 built. All drivetrain options and colors were available. Once again, this package was the foundation for a few regional specials.

'69 Limited Edition 600

The Limited Edition 600 was a promotional hardtop or SportsRoof developed by the Philadelphia sales district in May-June of 1969 to coincide with Ford's national Mustang Stampede sales promotion. The 600 consisted of custom colored Mustangs in either Flower Power Red or Groovy Green with hood scoop, chrome remote mirror, accent pinstripes, full wheel covers, and whitewall tires. Only 503 Limited Edition 600s were built, missing the goal of 600. They can be identified by the absence of a color code and a DSO of 16-2783 through 2788. Most but not all 600s were powered by six cylinder engines; the largest available engine was the 351 two-barrel, which was installed in the sole green Mach 1 that was used for promotional photos.

'69 Winter Sports Special (Canada only)

Canada's special for '69 was called the Winter Sports Special, specially-equipped Mustang SportsRoofs that were sold in January and February alongside Galaxie XLs, Fairlanes, Falcons, and Explorer trucks. The Mustang included all the options listed for the Pop-Option Mustangs at no additional cost. The hook to drive traffic to the showrooms was that you could enter to win a winter vacation and pick up money saving coupons on Sports equipment. Kevin Marti's Mustang... by the Numbers book indicates that 5,729 were sold.