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October 12, 2012

'67 Ski Country Special

In late November 1966, the Denver dealers created another promotional package for Mustang hardtops and fastbacks. Advertised in the Denver sales district, the Ski Country Special Mustangs were available in the aptly named colors of Aspen Red, Vail Blue, Winter Park Turquoise, Loveland Green, and Breckenridge Yellow. Also offered on the Galaxie, Fairlane, and Bronco, the Ski Country Special equipment included a ski rack, limited-slip axle, special medallions, window decals, and two snow tires. There were approximately 400 built.

'67 Mustang Blazer

The Mustang Blazer hardtop was a regional edition promoted in late November, early December in the Pittsburg sales district, which included western Pennsylvania, western Maryland, northern West Virginia, and eastern parts of Ohio. This Mustang was targeted toward women with a sense of fashion and featured Lime Gold paint, black vinyl roof, standard interior, personalized dashboard plaque, and "Blazer" exterior nameplates that were affixed to the fenders beneath the Mustang script. All Blazers came with V-8 engines, Cruise-O-Matic transmission, full wheel covers, whitewall tires, rocker moldings, and AM radio. The Blazer promotion was extended to a similarly equipped Galaxie 500. It is not known how many were produced.

'67 Limited Edition 400

Chicagoland dealers jumped on the special edition bandwagon with their own Limited Edition 400, with "400" indicating the sales goal. Sold prior to Christmas, the deep metallic gold Mustang hardtops were equipped with automatic transmission, AM radio, deluxe wheel covers, louvered hood, wheel opening and rear deck lid moldings, tail panel aluminum grille, Limited Edition 400 emblems on the fenders, and a personal nameplate on the instrument panel. According to one original owner, the salesman told him that the promotion was created to commemorate Henry Ford II's 50th birthday, hence the gold paint.

'67-'68 Branded

The Branded Special was an add-on kit to help dealers sell used '67-'68 Mustangs. Available in late 1967, the kit included special side stripes in five different colors, C-pillar medallions, and a choice of 15 paisley, sculptured, tweed, or leather design vinyl tops with screw-on moldings. There was also a kit designed to fit '65-'66 Mustangs as well. Dealers advertised that they could "Brand" your Mustang for a price beginning at $39.95.

'67 Stallion

The Stallion was a custom-designed '67 Mustang sold exclusively by Mainway Ford in Toronto. The Stallions came with special paint, styled steel wheels, Stallion emblems, Cougar taillights on a blacked out tail panel, a unique vinyl roof treatment, and chrome side scoops and roof vents. The pop-open gas cap had a special engraved stallion logo and the Mustang's traditional lettering was replaced with block letters spelling out "Stallion." Sales obviously fell short of expectations; the model was dropped after only eight were produced, four with the 289 Hi-Po engine and four with the 390.

'67 Sports Sprint Special

The '67 Sports Sprint special was a specially-equipped Mustang offered to promote the Mustang's third birthday. Originally, it was advertised as a limited edition, but due to popularity, the program was extended until the end of the model year. It was hardly "limited," as 109,946 were produced, 101,419 as hardtops and 8,527convertibles. Sports Sprints were equipped with a louvered hood with turn signal indicators, rocker panel and tail panel moldings, full wheel covers, white wall tires, vinyl-covered shifter handle, and a chrome air cleaner lid with a "Sports Sprint" decal. Six cylinder cars got the same chrome air cleaner as the previous year's Sprint. All the extras were offered at no additional cost.

The Sports Sprint was a national promotion, but it was also the basis for several regional specials. By taking the Sprint option and requesting special color or adding special badging, dealers got their own instant limited editions!

'67 Pacesetter Special

Even though the Camaro was the actual '67 Indy pace car, Ford advertised and promoted a Pacesetter Mustang in the Indianapolis sales district. It included special two-tone side stripes over Wimbledon White paint, rear panel grille with reflective blue inserts, louvered hood, Wide-Oval whitewall tires (on V-8 cars), blue standard interior, rocker moldings, and full wheel covers. To get people into the showroom, dealers offered a free "Drive Carefully in Ford Country" reflective bumper sticker. There were approximately 324 Pacesetter Specials produced.

'67 Lone Star Limited

The Lone Star Limited Mustang was a Texas-only edition that included the Sports Sprint equipment plus special Blue Bonnet blue paint, a Texas shaped brass fender badge, and the two-toned blue interior. Advertising indicated that there were to be 700 built; however, only 175 were delivered. The Lone Star Limited Mustangs are identified by a blank color code and a DSO number of 61-5160. They could be purchased with a six cylinder or V-8.

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