The Mustang Monthly Archives
October 12, 2012

'67 Centennial Sports Sprint Special

To celebrate Nebraska's 100th anniversary, the state's dealers offered a Centennial Sports Sprint Special. Based on the Sports Sprint model, it added a Nebraska Centennial medallion. Little is known about this special, but it is suspected that dealers were instructed to add the medallions to any available '67 Sports Sprint Mustang. It is not known as to how many were offered for sale or if there were special colors available.

'67 Third Birthday Treat Mustang (Canada only)

Canada was not left out in the cold when it came to special edition Mustangs. In April 1967, 3,112 "Third Birthday Treat" Mustang hardtops were sold, according to Kevin Marti's Mustang… by the Numbers book. Similar to the Sports Sprint package, they were offered in three colors: Candy Apple Red, Springtime Yellow, and a special Thunderbird Diamond Green. Other no-cost options included knitted vinyl interior, door edge guards, wheel lip and rocker panel moldings, louvered hood, white wall tires, and deluxe wheel covers.

'68 California Special

In 1968, the California and Western Region Ford Dealers offered a limited production Mustang hardtop based on the appearance of the Shelbys. The California Special (GT/CS) was a base model hardtop with the Shelby taillight and rearend treatment, side scoops, mid-body striping, louvered hood, rear quarter panel emblems, and fog lights displacing the usual Mustang pony and corral in the grille. Available in any color and engine combination, all 4,325 GT/CSs were built at the San Jose plant. Interestingly, the promotion did not meet sales goals in California, so it was expanded throughout the southwest into Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. The High Country Special was born when California dealers asked the Denver Sales District to help unload the special order cars.

'68 Gold Nugget

The Gold Nugget Mustang was sold out of the Seattle sales district, which included Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. They were delivered with Sunlit Gold paint, black stripes on the louvered hood, black vinyl roof, black C-stripes, whitewall tires with deluxe wheel covers, and a unique gold personalized dash plaque with a small "gold nugget" in the middle. All Gold Nugget Mustangs have DSO 74-1111 and color code Y. Advertisements in January and February 1968 indicated that 525 units would be built. However, only 481 were sold.

'68 Golden Mustang

Not much is known about the Golden Mustang other than it was sold in western Illinois and Iowa. Advertised in February 1968, the Golden Mustangs cars were painted a special gold color and included an emblem that incorporated a unique star graphic. They also came with the louvered hood, full wheel covers, and whitewall tires. It is not known how many were sold.

'68 Springtime Sprint

To help bolster Mustang sales in the spring and summer of 1968, the Sprint package was again offered but was split into two packages. Sprint "Package A" consisted of a six or eight cylinder engine, side C-stripes, wheel lip moldings, full wheel covers, and a pop-open gas cap. "Package B" was available only with the V-8 engine and added argent painted Styled Steel wheels with E70 Wide Oval tires and grille-mounted fog lamps. With a $110 premium over a base Mustang V-8, 25,012 Sprint Package A and 15,106 Sprint Package B Mustangs were sold over five months.

'68 Dixie Special

The Louisiana/Mississippi dealers got in on the limited edition act with their Dixie Special. Alongside Fairlane hardtops and Galaxie XL fastbacks, the Dixie Special hardtops were based on the Springtime Sprint's Package A with additional equipment including a Dixie Special front license plate, unique emblems that included ten stars to represent the Dixie states, and special paint. It is not known as to how many were produced or what colors were offered, although one owner indicates that his car was a non-production yellow/cream color.

'68 Cardinal Special

Another '68 Sprint-based special edition was the Cardinal Special, as promoted in Virginia and North Carolina. All Cardinal Specials included the Sprint Package A equipment, standard black interior, red or white exterior, and a unique diamond shaped emblem affixed to the C-pillar. White cars came with a red C-stripe and red cars came with a black C-stripe. The Cardinal Specials were advertised with the 200 cubic-inch six cylinder but there have been reports of V-8s being available as well.