Austin C. Craig
September 22, 2010

The following day, we headed to Grosse Pointe on Detroit's east side. Grosse Pointe is very beautiful in the spring and we enjoyed driving by our former home on the way to Peter and Jean Stroh's house. I had the pleasure of working with Peter at JWT and always admired his substance and style. Peter's father, Ed Stroh, headed up the Autolite Division and was responsible for Autolite's involvement in motorsports.

Joining us for dinner were Peter and Elaine Schweitzer, a former JWT president and one of the best advertising executives I've ever worked with. Peter built a strong relationship with Ford during his 20 years heading up the Detroit office. Ever the car guy, Peter arrived in his Ford Flex, an all-wheel drive model powered by the twin-turbocharged 3.5L EcoBoost V-6.

The next day, I finally had to add gas to the V-6 Mustang for the trip to Grand Rapids. I was amazed by the Mustang's excellent road manners. It's also comfortable to drive over an extended period of time, with the lumbar device in the leather seats providing extra support.

In Grand Rapids, we met up with family for Tori's play. While staying at daughter Shannon's new home in East Grand Rapids, we drove the Mustang to dinner at a very nice pub called The Green Well. It was fun to watch people check out the Mustang as they walked by on the street.

I was amazed how easy it was to install the car seat for grandson James as we prepared to drive for ice cream. Although only five years old, I could tell James wanted to drive the Mustang almost as much as he wanted his ice cream cone. The car appeals to all ages.

Next it was time to pick up grandson Tevin for a ride in the Mustang. It was fun to watch his fellow eighth graders stop to check out the Mustang on their way home from school. Tevin liked the sound of the exhaust and the Sirius Satellite radio, although he prefers current rock instead of my classic oldies.

During our three-hour drive back to Detroit, I appreciated the light clutch when an Interstate traffic jam resulted in stop and go traffic for about 20 minutes. When traffic started to move again, my leg did not feel like I had been in a gym for eight hours.

After driving the '11 MCA Mustang across Michigan in all sorts of weather conditions and road surfaces, I can say that the new Mustang is a winner. As mentioned earlier, the FPM factor never goes away. The V-6 Mustang can run with most performance cars and it handles like a sports car, plus gets great fuel mileage. As a staunch V-8 guy who has owned 24 Mustangs, I have to say that the new V-6 Mustang will please and delight just about anybody.

I see now why Dave Pericak and Allison Revier were so enthusiastic about the new V-6 Mustang; it is a true sports coupe.

2011 Mustang Club of America Package

  • Unique stainless steel billet grille with Tri-bar Pony emblem
  • Foglamps
  • Custom rear decklid tape appliqué between the taillamps
  • Rear decklid spoiler
  • Unique 18x8.5-inch gray painted alloy wheels
  • Automatic headlamps
  • Premium carpeted front floor mats with Pony logo
  • V-6 sport tape stripe