Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
March 1, 2009
Photos By: Courtesy Shelby Automobiles, The Austin Craig Collection

Like other employees, Chuck saw the writing on the wall at the end of 1968. "I knew that 1969 was the last year for the Ford program and Carroll had pretty much lost interest. That's when Roger Penske talked to me. I grew up in Indiana and was familiar with southeastern Pennsylvania, so I ended moving there in 1969 to work for Penske. I was team manager for the Trans-Am cars and general manager of the race shop for five years."

The Legend Connection
Bob Shaw was selling Mustang and Cobra posters at a Long Beach swap meet when a former Shelby American employee introduced himself. Moments later, another former employee walked up and joined the conversation.

"I just stood back and let them talk," Bob says. "It was a pleasure to watch. They hadn't seen each other for over 30 years. So I thought it would be bitchin' if we could get all these guys together. I started collecting names and putting the word out. Slowly but surely we started getting the names. Now the reunion is something they look forward to."

Bob created the Legend Connection to provide communication, support, and reunions for former Shelby American employees from the '60s. Through donations and sale of memorabilia, the organization has also helped a number of employees with health issues and other financial needs. Carroll Shelby has quietly contributed, Bob says.

"Carroll loves it," Bob continues. "He realizes that these guys should get credit. They did all the work. All he did was hire them. He appreciates them now more than ever."

The Legend Connection maintains a list of former employees, both living and deceased. If you're a former Shelby American employee or know of someone, contact Bob Shaw through the website at

Checkered Flag (Deceased)
Donn AllenKlaus ArningCharles Beidler Jr.
Jim BenevidesJerry BondioCecil Bowman
Robert BoxxRonnie BuckhamRoy Butfoy
Dante CardoneEd CaseyAndy Cisterning
John CollinsJim CulletonRay Cuomo
Warren DavenportAlan "Al" DowdDennis Ercek
Sherman FalconerJoe FarrerBarry Galloway
Ray A. GeddesRichie GintherFred L. Goodell
Tom GreatorexChuck GreenHellen Green
Tom HaynesJohn HeinemanRay Heppenstall
Bob HolbertVern HouleSkip Hudson
Ernie ImmersoInnis IrelandWilliam Jean Sr.
Earl JonesHal KeckMax Kelley
Garry KoikeLaurie KormanMahlon Lamoreaux
Joe LandekerFred LarsenBob Lee
Ed LeslieJohn LiefeldBill Likes
Dave McDonnaldJames McLeanCary McSquid
Heintz MertenGeorge MerwinKen Miles
Mollie MilesBob NegstadNick Nero
John OhlsenOle OlsonHaleen Olson
Bob OlthoffLeroy PikeJack Russell
Carroll SmithDick SmithBob Sorrell
Doane SpencerJohn TimanusJerry Titus
Maurice TrintignantLouis UnserRay Wolfe
Robert "Bob" Wyatt Sr.