Jerry Heasley
May 29, 2007

Gary clued us in on the selection process. "Ford wants us to use a Whipple. That's going to be 6 to 8 months away. Roush's blower is something we can get our hands on in a shorter amount of time." Paul feels the Roush supercharger will be an interim blower until Ford Racing's supercharger is validated and warrantied.

The Unique team has also been working on the suspension. Their goal is to get ride and handling characteristics somewhere between a stock Mustang GT and one that's track-ready. "We don't want the suspension to beat you to death on a rough road," Paul says.

Tuning was fairly basic with a novel twist. First, the factory springs and struts/shocks were replaced, a cool modification from Multimatic, a large automotive company in Canada. Its core business is making suspension components. After lowering the body 71/48 inch, the company recommended relocating the mounting points for the front sway bar. This gives the Stallion a stiffer antiroll bar without switching to a larger one.

Another trick fast becoming de rigueur is staggered wheels and tires-larger at the rear than the front. Foose wheels measure 20x8.5 inches up front and 20x10 inches in the rear. Staggering provides better grip at the rear of a Mustang, decreasing understeer by mitigating the lightness of the rear end.

With the blower and a big set of tires, the Stallion has become a muscle Mustang contender. No, it's not 500 hp, but the Foose Stallion fits into a unique niche. The cost is less and enthusiasts will surely turn up the boost (stock is 6 psi) to achieve north of 500 hp.

"I know that's what I'd do," Paul says. "If I bought a blown Foose Mustang, the first thing I'd do is put a bigger pulley on it and maybe some freer flowing exhaust."

Bring on the big boys.

Giant-Killer Mathematics
Sometimes you just have to be the giant killer, such as Brent Fennimore. He wheeled out a tame-looking '06 V-6 convertible and proceeded to burn the tires-or tire, as it was with the single-track rearend. Of course, the V-6 was supercharged.