Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 1, 2005

Jim Klok was quick with his one request: "Please don't use 'The Boss is Back' because we've been building Boss Shinoda Mustangs for the past 10 years."

While the much-used slogan from Ford's '82 GT advertising campaign would certainly be the easy way out for an article title, we'll admit Klok has a point. Ever since Larry Shinoda re-created the Boss concept with his graphics package for the '94 Mustang, Boss Shinoda Mustangs have dazzled the eyeballs with stripes, spoilers, and wheels. With the new '05 Mustang's retro styling, the Boss package is more stunning than ever, especially in red with white graphics as the prototype shown here proves.

Shinoda, who created the Boss name and image for the Mustang Boss 302s, 351s, and 429s while working as a Ford designer in 1968-1970, would be proud, especially since Klok is making an all-out effort this year to inject more performance into the Boss Shinoda package. As the program manager for Shinoda Performance Vehicles, Klok's goal is to make the Boss Shinoda as bad as it looks to help erase the "sticker car" stigma, which the Boss Shinoda Mustangs earned early on when only decals were offered. The base '05 Legacy model comes standard with visuals only, but everything on the SPV option list is available at extra cost. The front chin spoiler was designed by SPV, but the rear spoiler is actually a reproduction '71 spoiler from National Parts Depot. According to Klok, the shorter pedestals on the '71 version worked better on the '05 decklid. We have to admit, it looks pretty good on the retro-styled '05 Mustang.

The Level 1 Boss Shinoda packs more punch with cold-air induction, performance tuning and exhausts, and handling modifications like Boss Control System springs and struts/shocks. Level 2 packages take performance up another big notch with supercharging (for an estimated 450 hp), a performance clutch, and additional handling enhancements.

The Level 3 Boss Shinoda is more like Level 10 with its standard twin-turbocharger setup. Although still under development when we visited Shinoda Performance in May, Klok is predicting 600 hp at the rear wheels. Now that's Boss.

The top-of-the-line Boss Shinoda package is the "Stroker Edition" with a 310ci version of the '05 Mustang's 4.6 three-valve engine. Although its naturally aspirated 400 rear-wheel horsepower can't match the twin-turbo, the Stroker Edition will feature a number of unique components, like a special "retro" stripe package (which may include hood stripes like the ones on the yellow convertible shown above, a Shaker hoodscoop, and a Magnum 500 wheel package with 17x9s up front and 17x11s at the rear.

Optional upgrades like a Baer performance brake package and a T56 six-speed manual transmission are available for all five Boss Shinoda models.

As in the past, anyone can order and install the Boss stripes and spoilers, as well as any of the offered equipment. However, starting with the '05 models, only Mustangs built at the Shinoda Performance Vehicles facility will be certified as true Boss Shinoda models with a numbered dash emblem. Drop-ship orders from Ford can be placed at Orville Beckford Ford/Mercury in Milton, Florida, by calling Bryan Ceasar at 850/623-2234. The cars are then delivered to Shinoda Performance Vehicles for the Boss Shinoda conversion and can be shipped to local dealers for final delivery.