June 1, 2005

Sprint StripingI purchased a '66 Mustang hardtop in 2003 and began the long process of converting it into a restomod. The pinstripes on the side puzzle me. I searched many Web sites for accent-stripe kits, but can only find the ones for a GT or a Shelby, which my car is not. Then, in your June '04 issue, there was a Resto Roundup answer that said the Sprint 200 edition included a "body-side accent stripe." My car came with the chrome air cleaner with the Sprint 200 decal, so that explains the striping on my car. My question is, where can I get replacement stripes?Jennifer CookNew Bern, NC

The accent stripe is unique because it was painted on at the factory, as opposed to an added-on tape stripe. A special fixture was used on the assembly line to apply the painted striping.

As such, the stripes aren't reproduced. However, you can use striping tape, available in various width and colors from any local autobody supply store. A shop that specializes in vehicle lettering can easily hand-paint the stripes should you prefer the factory look as opposed to aftermarket tape.

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