Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
January 1, 2005
Photos By: The Mustang Monthly Archives
Shelby {{{Mustang}}} Production
GT350 526 (includes one prototype)
GT350 R-model 37 (includes two prototypes)
GT350 drag model 9  
Total 572
GT350 1,375  
GT350H Hertz 1,002 (includes two prototypes)
GT350 convertible 4  
GT350S (supercharged) 1
Total 2,382
GT350 1,175  
GT500 2,050
GT500 hardtop 1 (prototype)
GT500 convertible 1 (prototype)
Total 3,227  
GT350 fastback 1,253
GT350 convertible 404
GT500 fastback 1,140
GT500 convertible 402
GT500KR fastback 933
GT500KR convertible 518
GT500KR hardtop 1 (prototype)
Total 4,651  
GT350 fastback 937 (includes two prototypes)
GT350 fastback (for Hertz) 150  
GT350 convertible 194
GT500 fastback 1,537 (includes one prototype)
GT500 convertible 335  
Total 3,153
Total Shelby Production 13,985
*A total of 789 '69 Shelbys were converted to '70 models.

Pre-Mustang MilestonesJanuary 11, 1923: Carroll Hall Shelby is born to Warren Hall Shelby and Eloise Lawrence Shelby in Leesburg, Texas.

November 1941: Shelby begins training at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas. As a flight instructor, he did not leave the United States during WW II.

August 1945: Shelby leaves the Air Corps for civilian life and starts a dump truck business in Dallas.

1949: Shelby goes into the chicken business. His first batch of broilers nets a $5,000 profit, but he goes bankrupt when his second group of chickens die of Limberneck disease.

January 1952: Shelby drives in his first race, a quarter-mile drag meet, behind the wheel of a hot rod with a flathead Ford V-8.

May 1952: At Norman, Oklahoma, Shelby drives in his first road race behind the wheel of an MG-TC, taking First Place in competition.

August 1953: Shelby has to hurry to the track and wears his work overalls. When his odd attire nets him more publicity than his racing, Carroll sticks with the striped bib overalls, which become his trademark.