Miles Cook
May 1, 2004
Photos By: Jim Smart

When the Mustangs Northwest annual Mustang Round-Up takes place every July in the Seattle area, we're treated to a good mix of cool vintage and late-model Mustangs that have been restored, preserved, and enjoyed by our fellow Canadian enthusiasts. Doug Hansen is no exception; he brought his quite original '72 convertible to the 2003 festivities from his home base in Delta, British Columbia.

The car has an interesting history. Doug says, "A woman purchased this car new at Peter Pollen Ford in Victoria, British Columbia. She owned it until her death in 1994. My uncle found it on a small car lot south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in 1995. It was hit in the rear in 1997, then parked. In 1999, I sort of rediscovered it in my uncle's backyard, quietly decomposing, and I pestered him to have it repaired. It was completely original and unmolested when he bought it in 1995. There was no rust. There were no dents and the paint was in good shape. To see it sitting uncared for wasn't something I wanted to let continue.

"When I realized he was past the point of having it repaired himself, since he is quite elderly, I talked him into selling it to me and made him an offer. After a couple of weeks he called to say I could have the car as long as I promised to have it repaired. That sounded fair enough to me.

"It took awhile to get it running. Nothing electrical really worked right after sitting under a tarp for two years. It needed a new taillight panel, a rear bumper, a front bumper, a fender extension, a hood-lip molding, a grille, and bodywork on the right rear quarter-panel.

"The shop I took it to did beautiful work, but it had a reputation for making you buy back your own parts after they mysteriously went missing. What was supposed to take two weeks ended up taking a year. I got the car back from the bailiff after the landlord changed the locks. The car was in primer and was missing engine parts.

"After months of searching across North America, I replaced the stolen parts and found a paint shop that would finish it in time for the Greater Vancouver Mustang Association show.

"Since then, it has won three First Place awards (one at the Mustang Round-Up in Bellevue in 2003), a Best Ford, a Second, and a Third Place award. I also participated in the 2002 and 2003 Pony Trail events with Mustangs Northwest and Mustang Monthly. It's a great car to have for the summer months here in Canada."

Motivated by its original 302 two-barrel engine, FMX transmission, and 2.79:1-geared rearend, the car has only 72,000 miles on it. Also worthy of mention is its pristine white Comfort Weave interior with the original seat upholstery, deluxe two-spoke steering wheel, and factory AM/FM radio. All in all, it's a classic convertible-in red, of course-ideal for summer cruising anywhere you'd like to go, including the environs of beautiful British Columbia.