Jim Smart
September 1, 2003
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Hitting the Books

When you're shopping for a Mustang, do your homework, arming yourself with every bit of information you can find pertaining to Mustangs. Use Mustang Monthly as a tool, and build yourself a Mustang library using the best reference books. There is a ton of recommended reading out there, including books about specific models. Here are some recommended reads to get your Mustang bookshelf started.

  • Mustang Red Book, by Peter Sessler (great quick-reference book).
  • Kruse's Collectible Vehicle Collector's Guide (gives pricing).
  • Mustang Recognition Guide, by Donald Farr, Larry Dobbs, Jerry Heasley, and Rick Kopec (available from California Mustang).
  • Mustang 5.0 Technical Reference & Performance Handbook, by Al Kirschenbaum (available from Bentley Publishers-a must-read for '79-'93 Mustang buyers and owners).
  • Mustang '64-1/2-'70 Restoration Guide, by Tom Corcoran and Earl Davis (available from Motorbooks International).
  • Mustang & Ford Small-Block V-8, by Bob Mannel (available from RPM Press).
  • Ford Engine Parts Interchange, by George Reid (available from CarTech Books or your favorite book seller).
  • Mustang 5.0/4.6-1979-1998, by Matt Stone (available from Motorbooks International).
  • How to Restore Your Mustang, from the editors of Mustang Monthly (basic but useful; available from California Mustang).