Jeff Ford
November 1, 2002

Tires: F60x15 bias-ply raised white-letter tire. Wheels are stamped steel standard with corporate trim rings and caps.

Rare MeatWhat are the rare options for the Boss cars? Well, really only for the 302 and 351 since the 429 came with just about everything one could want from a steed.

'69 Boss 302Only 15 had intermittent wipers.

'70 Boss 302Only 25 had tinted windshields (that is, they came with clear side glass).

'71 Boss 351Only three had tinted windshields (that is, they came with clear sideglass).

'69 Boss 429Five came without racing mirrors.

'70 Boss 429One came without a console.One came without an AM radio.One came with sport slats and a rear spoiler.

Wheel DealThe Boss was the only car equipped with 15-inch wheels in 1969 and '70. The standard for '69 wheels was the Argent-centered Magnum 500; optional was the chrome. The year 1970 saw the Argent Magnum replaced by the steel-wheel mounting trim rings and caps. The other very rare option, the Sport Wheel Cover, was only available in 1970. Contrary to popular belief, the magnum 500 was not available outside of the Boss line-unless dealer installed. In fact, Ford added beefier components to the suspension as well as rolled fender lips just to keep the tires where they belonged.

The standard trim ring and "corporate" cap (so named because of the Ford Motor Company type around the center) continued through the final year of the Boss reign, 1971, as the base cover. The Magnum, as of 1971, was an option on any V-8 Mustang and carried over as an option on the Boss 351 as well.

Inside OutInteriors on the Boss cars ran the gamut from taxicab plain to downright gaudy. This was especially true in '70-'71 when the wild striped interiors and funky fabrics invaded the line. The Boss 429, however, only came one way-Deluxed out.

Big Ole Boss Books 'n' Other StuffWay back in 1982, Donald Farr wrote what is still considered by the enthusiast market the best compendium of Boss 302 facts. Fittingly named Mustang Boss 302 Fords Trans-Am Pony Car, this tome of wisdom and knowledge has all the stuff fit to print. It covers the street cars, race cars, and what the cars should and should not have. Sadly, this book went out of print a couple of years ago.

Another good book that has gone out of print is the Boss 429 Mustang by Stephen Strange. It details the birth and life of the Boss 429. It, like the Boss 302 book, is a wealth of information.

Check swap meets and online sources for either of these titles. If you're lucky, you might find them at one of the Mustang parts businesses that advertise in Mustang Monthly.

Regrettably, there is no good reference on the Boss 351. Terry Richards runs a registry; but to our knowledge, no one has put together a book of complete facts about the last of the Boss cars. It is really a shame, too, since we are sure there are some neat facts that should be brought to light.

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