Miles Cook
November 1, 2002

The world of factory-equipped car-stereo systems has improved by leaps and bounds the past decade. Just about every new car has a system that sounds pretty darn good. The Mustang is no exception. In fact, since the SN-95s were introduced in 1994, factory-installed Mustang hi-fi gear has gotten better each year.

For 2002, though, we're inclined to think all bets are off when it comes to a factory car stereo that can hold a candle to the '02-'03 Mustang's optional Mach 1000 setup. We've seen enough factory systems in other cars-though impressive-to tell you that this is one of the best-sounding, most comprehensive systems you can get in any new car today. If nothing else, it's certainly one of the most powerful systems (if not the most powerful with more than a 1000 watts of output from its multiple amplifiers) you can buy in a car off the showroom floor. And since it's available only in a Mustang, we thought it worthy of a look-see in case you haven't yet heard about or seen the components up close.

After a few days in this '02 GT ragtop equipped with a Mach 1000 system, we can't imagine an OE car stereo that cranks the way this one does. It goes so loud that you have to be careful with certain passages in whatever track you might be listening to.

Remember that our specialty is Mustangs, not car stereos. Check out other magazines that specialize in car hi-fi. A good place to start would be our sister magazine Auto Sound & Security. Or just cruise down to your local Ford dealer and listen for yourself, because if you like it loud-really loud-you won't be disappointed. Don't say we didn't warn you if your ears start to bleed.

Mach 1000 System Amplifier and Speaker Specifications* 570 watts RMS (1140 watts peak power)* 60-watt parametrically equalized amplifier* Six 85-watt subwoofer amplifiers* Four 5.5x7.5-inch subwoofer speakers* Four 2.5-inch midrange tweeters* Two 10-inch trunk-mounted acoustic suspension subwoofer enclosures