Jim Smart
November 1, 2001
Photos By: Mustang Monthly Archives, Jim Haskell

FAQThis section will appear in Pony Tales every month and will contain information on frequently asked questions. Some items will rotate out, while others will remain here for the foreseeable future.

Carroll Shelby Children's FoundationCarroll's Children's Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that supports organ donation and transplant research for children. The organization has a quarterly newsletter and sponsors all types of events throughout the year. For more information or to make a donation, contact the Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation, 19021 S. Figueroa St., Gardena, CA 90248; (310) 327-5072; www.carrollshelby.org.

Factory InvoicesLois Eminger has only Dearborn '69, '70, '71, '72, and '73 invoices for Mustangs and Metuchen '70 invoices. Invoices are $35, and proof of ownership, such as a vehicle registration or a copy of the title, is required. A rubbing from your data plate or VIN would be helpful as well. You may contact Lois at P.O. Box 220, Dearborn, MI 48121-0220.

VIN INFO: Ford Customer Service numberTo request a "History 999" report for your American-made Mustang, call the American Ford Customer Assistance line at (800) 392-3673. If your Mustang was delivered to Canada, you will need to call the Canadian Customer Service line at (800) 565-3673 and request a Broadcast Sheet. According to Ford PR sources, information is available for only '67-'88 models for right now. You will need to provide them with only your car's VIN. They will fax or mail you a complete list of options for the car.

Now That's Art!If you can't afford the real thing, at least you can own a poster of one. Design Factory, a leading designer of automotive prints and posters, has limited-edition and numbered prints of some of your favorite model-year Mustangs by automotive designer Jim Gerdom. Gerdom designed the limited-edition '65 Shelby Mustang GT350R print shown here, as well as limited-edition prints of a '6411/42 Mustang convertible, the '62 Mustang I Prototype, the '69 Mustang Boss 302, and the 35th anniversary Mustang poster.

For more information on these posters or to request a catalog, contact Design Factory at Dept. MM, P.O. Box 14037, Lenexa, KS 66285-4037; (888) 268-9933.

Netstang]www.428cobrajet.org/forum.html For those of you who haven't visited the Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Registry's Web site in a while, Scott Hollenbeck of Fairfax Station, Virginia, recently set up a discussion forum where everyone can "share information, ask questions, and otherwise get to know each other better." The registry's Web site, www.428cobrajet.org/forum.html, even has a classified section. The home page, www.428cobrajet.org, has links to registry statistics, member vehicles, factory production info, CJ facts and fallacies, restoration services, and more. So if you want to register your 428 Cobra Jet, here's the place to do it.

GPT 300 Becomes Barry GrantBarry Grant, president of GPT 300, recently announced the corporate name of Grant Performance Technologies/GPT 300 became Barry Grant.

"Since we established the 'Grant Performance Technologies' and 'GPT 300' names, there has been a fair amount of confusion about the correct way to refer to the companies or brand names that comprise the company," said Grant. "We have viewed this change as a return of the company's identification to our traditional 'Barry Grant' name."

The name change was the result of the distribution system desiring to see a return to the strong link between the brand names and the Barry Grant name and a survey taken by consumers to tie name recognition to products. "A strong showing indicated that indeed the name was highly recognized," said Grant, "but there wasn't a strong linkage between the name and the company's brand names."